Kintamani Kapolsek Bangli District Police Distributes Stage III Aid from the Ministry of Tourism in the Kintamani Region

117 – Bali – Bali Regional Police – Bangli Police Station – Kintamani Police Station. Today, the Bangli Kintamani District Police Headquarters once again distributed aid from the Ministry of Tourism to tourism practitioners at various points in the Kintamani region. Monday (6/15).

This activity aims to provide assistance to the tourism community that must be willing to not work because of the co-19 pandemic and provide motivation and enthusiasm to always take care of health so as not to be exposed to the covid-19 outbreak.

809 basic food assistance packages in the form of eggs, oil and other accessories
distributed by Bhabinkamtibmas Kintamani Sector Police to tourism actors affected by the covid – 19 pandemic that had previously been recorded.

Kintamani Police Chief Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H said that the handover of aid from the Ministry of Tourism was as trustful because the National Police was trusted to distribute aid to the community, hopefully the community would continue to be enthusiastic in the midst of the plague and always maintain health for the prevention of covid-19 transmission.

“Hopefully, given this assistance, we hope that the community can accept it and remain enthusiastic in living their daily lives and always maintain their health,” said the police chief.

The activity of handing over aid was received by the tourism actors who had been coordinated directly by the Kintamani Police Bhabinkamtibmas.

They also expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided and also thanked for the appeal – Kamtibmas appeals given to follow the Government’s instructions regarding anticipating the spread of covid – 19.
Greetings Tribrata. (Team).