BALI – LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – Country (24/11). Excitement was seen inside the Class IIB State Detention Center (Rutan Negara) witnessing the farewell and welcome of the Head of the State Class IIB Detention Center.

All Correctional Assisted Officers and Residents (WBP) packed the field in the detention center to witness the rousing offerings that were specially presented to the former Head of Rutan Bambang Hendra Setyawan and the new Head of Rutan Lilik Subagiyono and Mrs.

This activity is part of a series of Position Handover (Sertijab) which was held on Friday (18/11) at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali. Bambang Hendra Setyawan started carrying out his duties at the State Class IIB Detention Center from 22 January 2020 to 18 November 2022.

The man who was born in Pamekasan, June 18, 1978 expressed his gratitude and pride for having led the State Detention Center for almost 3 years.

“I express my gratitude and gratitude for almost 3 years that I have been here (Rutan Negara), I have received extraordinary cooperation and support from all levels here,” he said in conveying his message.

“I hope that under Mr. Lilik’s leadership, the State Detention Center will get much better,” he continued. The man who is familiarly called Mr. Hendra will continue his duties as Head of the Class IIB Ngajuk Detention Center.

Furthermore, the leadership of the State Detention Center will be continued by Lilik Subagiyono, who previously served as Head of the Security and Order Administration Section at Class IIA Kediri Prison.

In addition to the handover of the position of Head of Rutan, the position of Head of the Dharma Wanita Association (DWP) of the State Detention Center also moved from Ms. Siti Mariati to Ms. Umi Cholifah. “I hope to be able to continue what Mr. Hendra has done and be able to do even better,” said Lilik Subagiyono.

This event was also attended by religious leaders Haji Rawi, Ustad Anshor and representatives of Council members, I Gusti Putu Wiradi. Various offerings from both officers and WBP were nicely presented. Starting from the welcome dance by Mrs. Karyawati and DWP; Foreword from the previous Head of Rutan;

Message from the Head of the New Detention Center; Impression Message from officers and WBP representatives; Flashmob by officers and WBP; Bondres by WBP; Video View at a Glance; Acoustics from the officers; Runa Band show.
Nearly three years leading the State Detention Centre, many impressions have been made. Falling up, ups and downs have passed together.

So many achievements were engraved during his leadership. The massive changes that have drastically improved correctional services have succeeded in changing the bad image of the detention center for the better. (Team).