Acha Vanessa, the daughter of this Millennial Celebrity and Tiktoker, Rises to Succeed in UKM


JAKARTA – LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – Acha, the familiar greeting of Chaca Putri Vanesa, is a soap opera and Television Film (FTV) artist who started her career in 2018. Since the age of 21, Acha has been struggling in the world of soap operas and FTV since she was a teenager.

The owner of the real name Siti Aisyah, 24 years old, is also active in the world of modeling and entertainment. With a slim body posture of 48 kg and height of 169 cm, Acha is often invited to appear on the catwalk and photo shoots.

“Apart from being a soap opera actor and FTV player since 2018. Acha has also been active in modeling and photography since 2012. Sometimes she is invited to appear on the catwalk and take product endorsement photos in media or advertisements,” explained Acha, a girl born in Bukit Tinggi, October 6, 1997.

Acha admits that he is also a small and medium business (SME) actor in the fashion sector, especially youth clothes. The money from soap operas and FTV was developed into the world of small businesses in Bukit Tinggi, while learning to be a young entrepreneur.

“I also enjoy doing business and trading clothes. Acha sells offline and online on social media Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. But the name is business, sometimes it goes up and down, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Acha said to the media, Friday ( 28/01/2021) in Jakarta.

He is also currently continuing to study SME knowledge and knowledge about business opportunities among millennials. Acha admitted that he learned a lot from his brother and mentor, Syafrudin Budiman SIP, General Chair of the Indonesian SME Party, which is active in the SME, Cooperative and Trade sectors.

“I learned a lot from Gus Din (red-Syafrudin Budiman SIP) who I consider my brother. We often discuss SMEs for millennial youth. Both business improvement and business digital branding for young entrepreneurs,” said Acha who lives in South Jakarta.

The owner of Instagram account: achavanesa0610, Tiktok: chachapv and Facebook: chachaputrivanesa is also active as an Instagram Celebrity (Selebgram) and Tiktok Host. Acha often uploads her daily activities on her three social media.

“Acha is also active on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. I upload all activities in soap operas, FTV, models, photography and business. Sometimes I also upload daily activities during holidays and weekends,” said the single who has two siblings, Rahma Zahara and Zullfabdullah.

In the future, Acha has aspirations to develop many businesses and continue to learn at a young age. He said he had a bad experience being cheated by his business partner which made him re-start his business.

“I was once tricked by a business partner with a fictitious business project. I took this as a lesson and I was more careful in my steps. But I am grateful that trials, will be a trigger for me to rise again,” said this beautiful ‘skinny beauty’ woman who only graduated from high school.

When Acha was 15 years old his father, H. Ardianto died in 2012 and when Acha was 21 years old his mother Hj. Netdrawatti died in 2018. So Acha moved to Jakarta from Evidence Tinggi West Sumatra to Jakarta to try his luck.

“I’m currently completely independent, because since I was a teenager, my father and mother have left. Hopefully Acha can repay the kindness of both parents, with the answer of success,” concluded Acha excitedly. (red)

The following is the history of soap operas, FTV and advertisements that have been played by Cacha Putri Vanesa (Acha)

Azab – Indosiar Year 2018 – Present

Voice of the Heart – Indosiar 2021-Present

True Story – Indosiar Year 2018 – Present

Door of Blessing – SCTV Year 2018 – Present

Reveal – Indosiar Year 2018 – 2019

The Storm Will Definitely Pass built in ads – SCTV 2021

Second Chance – RCTI/MNC – Year 2020

Advertisements: Lee Mineral, Lee Menilo, Garuda Kacang, Chocholatos and others.

Production House MKF Year 2018 – Present.

Author: GD