Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa Visiting Bali.


BALI – LOKADEWATANEWS.COM – TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa
Visiting Bali, to ensure the security situation ahead of the G20 Event.

The group arrived at Ngurah Ray International Airport, using a Boeing aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force on Friday (11/26).

Some of the agenda for the visit of the Four Star General included meeting with the Head of Ngurah Ray Airport, and coordinating with all security forces in Bali.

“To identify the locations for the G20 event in Bali, as well as to coordinate the number of security personnel on duty. So that the G20 participants will feel safe and comfortable in Bali, as the host of this international event attended by various countries so that it runs smoothly and perfectly. “said him, General Andika Perkasa.

Bali at the end of 2021 will have various international event activities, this is a shared responsibility in terms of health protocols for the common good as well.

We hope that the economic cycle in Bali will gradually improve in the tourism and business sectors, making Indonesia a potential developing country and the focus of the wider community.

The delegates who will attend the G20 in Bali also hope that the situation will be conducive, so that 2022 will be a better year and develop in various sectors.

Indonesia has Bali which is a special privilege. In the eyes of the world, this has become an international tourism market which is also a place to do business in various fields.

The beauty of the universe in Bali, as well as its culture that is able to live tolerantly with anyone who visits Bali.

The island which is full of peace is also dubbed as the island of love and the island of the Gods has become a tremendous attraction for other countries.(team).