The Tembuku Police Chief Directly Monitors the Impact of the Earthquake in the Tembuku Area.


Bali – – Tembuku Police Chief AKP I Putu Gede Ardana, S. H., directly monitored the impact of the Earthquake in the Tembuku sub-district, Bangli Regency, Saturday (16/10/2021).

This activity aims to determine the conditions in the field due to the Earthquake and at the same time to convey appeals and moral support to residents who are directly affected by this natural disaster.

Monitoring of the Tembuku Police Chief accompanied by Bhabinkamtibmas, Bhabinsa and village heads in the areas affected by the Earthquake.

At the location of the disaster, the Head of the Sector Police gave an appeal to be more careful, because natural disasters could happen at any time in the Tembuku area.

“For the time being, we are together with the Tembuku Koramil 03 and local village officials who are recording the impact of the earthquake but there have been no reports of casualties in the area,” explained the Tembuku Police Chief.

“After receiving information that an earthquake had occurred, I immediately ordered personnel to go down to the field,” added the police chief

From field observations, the impact of the Earthquake this morning, a number of houses and sacred buildings belonging to traditional and private property were damaged and there were no casualties in this natural disaster.

As it is known, on Saturday (16/10/2021) an earthquake at 03.18 WITA tectonic with a magnitude of 4.8 rocked Bali. The epicenter of the earthquake was at coordinates 8.32° South Latitude; 115.45° east longitude, or to be precise on land at a distance of 8 kilometers northwest of Karangasem, Bali, at a depth of 10 kilometers.(team).