Pangdam IX/ Udayana Gather with Crew Media, Program, Massive Water and Farming Project.

94 – Bali – Pangdam IX / Udayana Maj. Gen. TNI Maruli Simanjuntak missed a meeting with the media crew, a face-to-face meeting which was held for the first time who was very familiar with journalists at the mess Kodam IX / Udayana which is also currently being repaired to become the Media Center for Kodam IX / Udayana on Jalan Melati number 8 Denpasar Bali, Sunday (14/2). 12.00 noon.

Pangdam IX / Udayana, Maruli Simanjuntak, on this occasion presented in front of the media crew the program, namely “Massive Water and Farming Project” which aims to provide clean water for dry areas such as in NTB and NTT, “he concluded.

“According to Maruli Simanjuntak, this is also related to agricultural issues for food security during the Covid-19 pandemic which devastated the entire world economy because of this outbreak,” he explained.

Meanwhile, this program, said Maruli Simanjuntak, has been running well in the NTB and NTT regions, so it is hoped that people experiencing a clean water crisis and food shortages will be helped through the program.

We are assisted by the Head of BNPB, Lieutenant General Doni Monardo, for the nursery of plants such as Albesia wood seeds to be planted in the NTT region, so that this program will be successful, “said Maruli Simanjuntak.

In addition, to bring in these plant seeds is not an easy matter to get to NTT, but with good synergy with the local government so that we can overcome this, “he said. Maruli Simanjuntak.

“We are working hard to help the people’s economy to keep moving in a world situation that is still being hit by Civid-19. This is with the cultivation of the Porang trade plant which is currently raising the economy of the community,” explained Kodam IX / Udayana Maruli Simanjuntak.

“Meanwhile, for the Bali region, we plan to cultivate this porang plant in the Tabanan area on an area of ​​5000 M2. We also bring the seeds from the Chairman of the BNPB Doni Monardo, “he concluded.

Maruli Simanjuntak added The problem of handling the Covid-19 Pandemic in the regions of Bali, NTB and NTT, is that currently there has been a significant reduction in the number of exposure to Covid in a number of areas after vaccination, “he explained.

“Pangdam IX / Udayana. Hopefully, for the Civid-19 problem, we should be grateful for this, but we continue to remind the public to adhere to health protocols, with the 3M pattern (washing hands in running water, wearing hand sanitizers, and wearing masks, he said. (Team)