Artisan Day-Out Held by Plataran Canggu

100 – Bali – The Artisan Day-Out that was held by Plataran Canggu this time featured various activities and art exhibitions, besides that there were also youth music concerts that were currently trending.

The handicraft making workshop has become one of the Artisan Day-Out events on November 8, 2020 from morning to night, the atmosphere looks alive with the presence of various communities, one of which is a community of dog fans who are tame and funny.

“This event is held for the second time, of course we still carry out standard health protocols according to applicable procedures.

He hopes that Bali will return to normal economically and in world tourism, there will be a bazaar of various handicrafts and herbal drinks and so on. “Said Agus, as the manager at Plataran Canggu when met by the tourism media team on the sidelines of the event.

The entertainment of a music band as the end of the event was able to attract all the visitors who attended, this was a relief for the atmosphere that had been without activity due to the long pandemic.

Bali always inspires wherever there are events to celebrate Indonesian culture and culture.

The end of the year that is approaching also spurs the spirit to celebrate the end of the year which is expected to recover like the years that have passed.

Hope that will never fade, accompanied by extraordinary creativity, is now growing rapidly. (Team).