Into the room as a coffee shop that is different from the usual place

209 – Bali – Kedalam Ruang as a coffee shop that is different from the usual places. With a unique flavor variant and authentic authenticity from a barista, there is a drink menu that is not only coffee, one of the mainstays is Fantastik Island as a drink with a distinctive cheese in it. In addition, there is also beer coffee which is popular with young people.

“Into the room as an inspirational coffee shop is able to provide a different atmosphere for visitors who come. We prioritize various types of Indonesian coffee, but if there is a request for coffee from outside we also provide it.” said Gulam as the founder of Kedalam Ruang coffeshop since 5 October 2018.

Located on Jl. Nakula no 9, Kuta to be precise at Rofa Kuta Hotel which is not far from Kuta and Seminyak, this has become a separate icon with a nuance full of kinship and hommy. Having its own philosophy by enjoying coffee in Kedalam Ruang is different from other places, of course .

This time, Kedalam Ruang will hold a Music concert and a Flea Bazaar with the concept of Lober # 2, an event which will be held starting at two in the afternoon on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

Together with Soul of Break as the theme of this music stage with a live performance of Soul Food, Dedy Rahland and Frando Hutabarat and Coconight Man, besides that there are also murals artist Babykart as well as various bazaars of second hand goods, Thrifting, Coffee, and others.

This very interesting event, of course, also maintains standard health protocols, as a form of a healthier lifestyle and at the same time so that Bali can continue to exist amid a situation of better change and survive as a domestic and international tourist spot.

In social media, Kedalam Ruang has been quite viral since 2018 until now, including its In-room infrastructure and Facebook into the Space. Millennial coffee fans who are increasingly rampant today have never been left behind to visit Kedalam Ruang as a coffee shop for various groups, both millennial and all ages.(TIM).