161 – Jakarta – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto said Indonesia would not be involved with military alliances and conflicts in the South China Sea (SCS) or become a proxy state under any circumstances.

Although, RI has good trade relations with China.

Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak’s Special Staff to the Minister of Defense for Public Communication and Inter-Institutional Relations confirmed that Prabowo would not join and participate in other countries’ defense pacts.

In fact, Dahnil said, instead of joining other countries, Prabowo continued to encourage diplomacy so that the two countries did not carry out prolonged conflicts in the region.

“So under any circumstances, Indonesia will not be involved in military alliances and conflicts in the South China Sea.

But of course Indonesia, Pak Prabowo continues to push for diplomacy through the Foreign Minister, including through Pak Prabowo himself, “said Dahnil during a live broadcast via the Pintarpolitik Instagram account and accessed by, Tuesday (15/9).

He also ensured that RI would not become a proxy country, aka a puppet state for those in conflict in the SCS.

“So what is clear is that we will not possibly want to be dragged along, let alone become a battle ground for the conflict between the two countries like other countries, including us, of course, we will not be willing to become a proxy for any country,” said Dahnil.

Prabowo, he said, had confirmed his attitude to Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe a few days ago when the two met at the Ministry of Defense office.

“When the Chinese Defense Minister came to Indonesia to meet Pak Prabowo, Pak Prabowo’s attitude was the same and it was understood by China and America that our attitude was also very well understood,” he said.

Dahnil acknowledged that Indonesia received a lot of assistance and cooperation with China. However, Indonesia’s stance regarding territorial claims by the Bamboo Curtain Country in the South China Sea has not changed.

According to him, Indonesia firmly rejects the claim because it is not in accordance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS.

“I don’t think any state official wants to be a proxy or sell our sovereignty to any country.

So surely the people at the Ministry of Defense are already working for the national interest. Of course they don’t want to sell their nationalism or our country’s sovereignty, “he said.

“Our economy can cooperate with anyone. Regarding defense, we can cooperate with anyone, but we don’t want to be involved with any country,” said Dahnil.

“Natuna is our sovereign territory, so what, every country or third party that wants to exploit natural resources there or do activities there must have a permit with the Indonesian government,” he said.

He also emphasized that the North Natuna Sea, which is also in direct contact with the South China Sea, is an Indonesian territory that cannot be negotiated.

The conflict between America and China is heating up in the South China Sea. China itself claims the territorial waters as part of its country’s sovereignty based on the nine dash line or nine dotted lines which they claim is based on historical traces.

China’s claim, which is not legally recognized by international law, has made a number of countries in the Asia Pacific region inflamed because their territories have been affected.

For example, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, to Indonesia.

The United States, which has a military base in the Philippines, has also shown strength, ranging from combat training to flying planes in the SCS territory. China also responded with a similar effort.

In addition, some observers assess China’s efforts to influence regional countries by offering assistance, such as vaccines, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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