Commemorating the 114th year of Puputan Badung at Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan Denpasar.

487 – Bali – 114th year of Puputan Badung, Commemorated at Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan. Jalan Sutomo no.28 Denpasar Bali. Sunday (20/9

AA Ngurah Agung.SE. Puri Grenceng Pemecutan. conveyed that we always remember the history of our hero warriors, so that the younger generation will always remember the services of heroes who have defended the country. “He concluded.

This, Puputan Badung is a tradition of the Balinese people, namely armed resistance to death for the honor of the homeland.

“So, the term puputan comes from the word ‘puput’ which in Balinese means date, break up, run out, or die,” he concluded.

In addition, the Puputan War means war to death and applies to all existing citizens of all castes as a form of resistance, including sacrificing body and soul to the last drop of blood, “he explained.

“We convey, yes puri pare pari and pura, yes puri is synonymous with a house, pure is synonymous with a place of worship, purane is synonymous with where we live, purane sisila, where we are from.” Obviously. Ngurah Agung.SE. puri Gerenceng Pemecutan.

Meanwhile, it is our people that we have people who can practice religious diversity with our culture and we will be able to do it, “said. AA Ngurah Agung.SE. Puri Gerenceng Pemecutan. (Team).