Baroc Holds Third Concert For Bali

143 – Bali-Seminyak, 19September2020. Baroc-Bali Rock Community is now holding another third series with the theme Bali is still alive, #Bali is Still a Live. Santa Fe Seminyak always supports making a concert stage for rock musicians in Bali. Saturday. (19/9)

According to Bambang, this is the third time that ten groups of rock musicians have the qualities that are able to attract the attention of many countries, an event that is always awaited by rock music lovers in various parts of the world, for now it can still be enjoyed through live streaming on social media as well. “He explained.

“Even so, the concert from various rock music genres is enough to invite tourists who are still living in Bali, of course it is not free from the various regulations on health protocols that apply,” said Bambang.

The ten bands that performed this time included;
2.Come To Papa
3.Glam Beer
4.Rhythm Voice
5.DR Rose
6.Memento MoriMad Dog
9.Mission Mother Land
10.Plug & Play

Those are the ten band groups that have been able to entertain various groups during this pandemic, this is because there are also many foreign countries who miss Bali. This was also expressed by Bambang, as a senior at Bali Rock Community -Baroc.

“Hopefully rock music can be a positive education for millennials today, rock music itself has emotional stability and calm concentration for its connoisseurs.

Making a positive inspiration, of course, for the younger generation, who have a lot of extraordinary and creative abilities in the music field.

Bali has always existed for rock musicians, as well as others. Hopefully there will be collaboration between countries that can uphold the value of equal social status as music lovers.

This is a positive lofty ideal. Salute and many thanks to all the musicians who are members of the Bali Rock Community as well as for supporting the holding of a concert between rock musicians in Bali at the Baroc present Back on Track Vol. Three this time. “

Economic conditions will also return to normal when awareness of health in activities anywhere. May Bali always be protected by God Almighty in this pandemic situation.

Apart from Bali it is also the center of world tourism which always exists at any time. Various arts and cultures that remain sustainable have created Bali as a source of inspiration and creative ideas.

That is the case with music, which is able to create calm and mental stability and soul.

“Music worldwide is becoming more beautiful to be enjoyed and to be absorbed in its existence,” said Bambang. (TEAM).