AA Ngurah Agung’s Ceremony or Ritual, at Maospait Temple


Lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Before the inauguration of Puskorwil Bali A.A Ngurah Agung. SE. Pemlinsir Puri Grinceng dismissed Denpasar Bali, also as Chairman of the Bali Musli Hindu Brotherhood, performing rituals or prayers at the Maospait temple in Denpasar, Bali. Monday (31/8).

According to AA Ngurah, he presented what we aspire to run smoothly for the nation and state, especially Bali, “he concluded.

“We ask for prayers and blessings, I happen to have my 51st birthday, I hope you will be healthy and have a long life,” said AA Ngurah Angung.

“Said AA Ngurah Angung, the Hindu Muslim Brotherhood of Bali, which we established because our ancestors had joined long ago,” he explained.

We are also not our native Balinese from Palembang. Only we go first from our friends but we must protect it between religious communities. Likewise, our friends, our brothers, let’s join in, don’t make a crowd, don’t make a fuss, in this case let’s sit together as discussed earlier.

“We, the TNI / Polri, let’s go together, where is the point of our investigation, let’s sit together, if possible, let’s sit at the castle to talk at the castle, especially the Paresada,” he said. AA Ngurah Angung.

“Our other Hindu brothers and sisters too, let’s sit together. Because what is it like this is a rude comer that’s a driver, cook kernet to be a driver, the point is that kernet cannot be a driver, yes kernet has to ride so a good kernet must follow these rules according to us. “he said.

Meanwhile, religion is all good but don’t just rule it. Because we are Hindu Bali, we can say that it is orthodox. Suppose that I said my personal apologies for saying that because what Hinduism is, is a village interviewing each area, every neighborhood and every other area, is the same as other Hinduism, Javanese Hinduism, Sumatran Hinduism, what is important the culture remains lestarika.

Let’s raise it because we in Indonesia are quite a bit like our brothers and sisters, rather than making a fuss here, so that we are not pressured in other districts or other provinces, let’s protect the Bali area.

“If we can do everything, we direct it, don’t force it because this religion is very difficult. Hinduism. There are three points of niste. The main thing is nisterin niste, the main thing is let’s run it, if we are rich we set the banana as big as a bunch if we don’t have one judge or You can also cut it into slices. That is flexible in religion. If possible, let’s work together to maintain harmony between religious communities. “Obviously. AA Ngurah Angung.

“If the problem of the message dauh tukad dangin tukad actually does not exist. We are just used to it, the problem is dauh tukad dangin tukad just the term. This is the Republic of Indonesia, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, we love peace, can’t tell the difference now, especially when Balinese people are said to be restless about their lives, The fault is the Balinese because what we have to do if we don’t work we don’t eat, our brothers who come to Bali don’t bring anything, they work here if they don’t work, what we eat, that’s the point. “He said. AA Ngurah Angung.

So, Follow Gede Sudi Asna as the official of Maouspahit Temple Says, AA Ngurah Angung. Hopefully you will be safe until you reach the goal, Rahayu, Rahayu, Rahayu (team).