Music in Bali from Bali Rock Community “

408 – Seminyak -Bali, Rock music as an element of entertainment in the world of entertainment, especially in Bali, as a complement to the tourism segment of the island of the Gods in its continuing existence.

This time, Santa Fe Bar which is located in Seminyak Bali and sponsored by PittBull Energy Drink in collaborates with the Rock Musician Community Bali, which is no other than “Baroc”, is present for the second time with 12 rock band groups in Bali;
Magic Mushroom
Come To Papa
Black Shadow
The Bullet’s Shadow
Memento Mori
Jhon Jail Story
Mission Motherland

,whose previous volume was 6 rock band groups.

Bambang from Baroc, when met by the media crew at the venue, said, “The musicians in Bali have survived and exist, hopefully Bali tourism will return to normal. Santa Fe as the oldest bar in seminyak always supports rock musicians, Baroc 11th anniversary in Bali as a program of this event hopes to encourage other musicians in Bali. “

“We hope to support and sponsor from various parties to be able to collaborate in the existence of Rock Music in Bali.” he said on the sidelines of the Baroc ‘Back on Track Vol.Two’ event this time August 22, 2020 at the Santa Fe Bar Seminyak Bali.

The work of the rock musicians who were lauched by twelve band groups has become a music icon that is popular with various groups. Baroc packaged this event in such a way with the concept of line live and live online on You Tube, also on Facebook, and Instagram.

Since 2009 Baroc was established as a forum for the Rock Music community in Bali. Music as entertainment in various locations on the most beautiful island, the island of the Gods, and island of love-Bali.(Team).