A A NGURAH AGUNG Elected as Chairman of the Bali Hindunesia Regional Office


Lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Chairman of the National Coordinating Board, DR. (Hc) Ida Bagus Susena accompanied by Secretary General of the National Education Office I Wayan Kanta SH said, This is one of the organizations based on Hinduism, so it happens that the center is also in Bali. On Jalan Tengku Umar, Denpasar Bali. Saturday (22/8).

“According to Ida Bagus Ketut Susena, today we have formed the board of coordinating the province of Bali to become the 23rd province of all of Indonesia, so today AA NGURAH AGUNG was elected as chairman by klamation and at the same time the management structure has been formed, and will soon be in officially inaugurated, this August 31, “he explained.

So as an illustration, this institution of honor for the ummah was founded 17 years ago, but only 5 years ago, “said Ida Bagus Ketut Susena.

“We are engaged in social welfare and Hindu empowerment, so there are three points in the movement, we are also fighting for the rights of the public.

In addition, we call our members as volunteers, so there are social humanitarian volunteers or darma volunteers currently listed in the databis.

“We all over Indonesia have approximately 18 thousand members, so because we are already in 23 provinces, Bali is the majority where our members are around six thousand, almost seven thousand, the last six thousand fields hundreds,” he said. Ida Bagus Ketut Susena.

So that members who are committed to participate in doing service and dedication to the public will be the picture.

Yes, because we are in the form of a coordination center that’s why, in fact, it is a collection of existing Hindu institutions, which may have been visible so far, which is why they have not been able to get a wider synergy,

“So we are gathering them together to contribute to various social problems internally,” he said. Ida Bagus Ketut Susena.

“Meanwhile, we hope that with the form of this Balinese decorator under A.A NGURAH AGUNG, we hope that because he also has an insight into diversity tolerance,” he concluded.

“We hope that this Puskor will become a tool for diversity and at the same time help the government, in this case the Police and the TNI, to prevent radical movements, racist movements that lead to disintragation or radicalization,” he said. Ida Bagus Ketut Susena.

Chairman of the Bali Hindunesia Puskorwil, AA Ngurah Agung Puri Grenceng Pemecutan with Secretary AA NGURAH BAGUS AGUNG, ST. Delivering Uncle Swastiyastu, thank you for being appointed as the Head of the Bali Hindunesia Regional Council for Regional Office,

“We are ready because our vision and mission are almost the same as to propose, namely puri pare pari and pura, yes puri is identical to a house, pure is identical to a place of worship, purane is identical to where we live, purane sisila our people where we are, pare is our people. that we have people who can practice religious diversity and culture together we will be able to do it, “he said.
AA Ngurah Agung puri Grenceng Pemecutan.

Hopefully we are assigned here we can carry out this very tough task, ask for the blessings of our friends and support. Thank you, uncle Shanti Shanti Shanti, “he explained. (TEAM).