Commemorating the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Kintamani Police Chief Attends Flower Sowing at the Catur Village Hero Monument

224 – Bali – Polda Bali – Polres Bangli – Polsek Kintamani. Commemorating the 75th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, Kapolsek Kintamani Bangli Police attended a prayer and flower sowing activity at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Hero Monument in Catur Kintamani Village. Monday, (17/08).

The flower sowing activity which was attended by the Head of Kintamani Police, Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H, together with members, officials of Catur Village, and Catur Village veterans, aims to commemorate the services of the heroes who have fought for the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. The activity begins with praying together in accordance with Hindu beliefs and sowing flowers around the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Hero Monument, Catur Village.

In addition to commemorating independence day, this flower sowing activity also aims to raise awareness and foster a spirit of nationalism in society so that it is able to practice nationalist and national values ​​in carrying out daily life.

The police chief expressed his gratitude for the opportunity given to participate in carrying out the flower sowing activity at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Monument of Heroes, Catur Village. Kapolsek also advised to always improve the spirit of nationalism and nationality so that the situation becomes conducive.

“Thank you for the time given so that we can jointly carry out this flower-sowing activity, congratulations on independence, hopefully with the spirit of independence our nation will be even better and the community will be more prosperous,” said the police chief.

Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia falls on August 17, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the independence day event is not as usual, but it does not reduce the enthusiasm of the community in welcoming independence day by always disciplining to apply health protocols to prevent Covid-19.

The 75th anniversary of Indonesia, I hope this pandemic will soon pass and all sectors can recover soon, rise up and the spirit will always be my country. Freedom! Greetings Tribrata. (Team).