Directorate of Intelligence and Security Polda with Permahi (DPC) Bali Performs Social Service

211 – Bali – The Polda’s Intelligence and Security Directorate together with Permahi (DPC) Bali conducted social service to build solidity to create security stability.

On Saturday, August 15 2020 at 09.00 WITA, social service activities are carried out in the context of realizing security stability.

Akbar Fauzi, the Head of Permahi, said that this action and social activity was carried out as a form of real collaboration between Permahi Bali and the Bali Regional Police’s Directorate of Intelligence, through providing basic necessities to underprivileged people affected by Covid 19, which was located in Kesiman and several other places in Denpasar. The provision of basic foodstuffs is a form of application for us, as legal persons to help ease the economic burden of citizens and at the same time directly provide input related to the law if there are affected residents who have problems. Hopefully, through this collaboration, we can together support the task of the National Police in creating a conducive community service in the Bali region.

The Bali Regional Police, through the Head of Sub Directorate IV of the Bali Police Intelligence Directorate, Kompol Endang Tri Purwanto, SIK, MS, expressed their gratitude for working together with Permahi DPC Bali to carry out social activities to provide basic foodstuffs to some residents affected during the Covid-19 pandemic with the hope of Permahi DPC Bali. and other affected community members take part in maintaining a conducive community and community service situation (team).