Passed Verification, Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is ready to welcome the New Norma Era

213 – Bali, Indonesia – Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is a tourism accommodation that is part of the first wave of the new Era of Life Order verification process by the Bali Provincial Verification Team and has become a starred hotel that has passed the first verification in the Gianyar & Ubud area.

By passing verification, Rumah Luwih Beach Resort will immediately receive a New Era of Life Order certificate from the Governor of Bali and be ready to operate following the Health Protocol based on CHS (CLEANLINESS, HEALTH & SAFETY) standards.

The verification itself was carried out right on the 5th Anniversary of Rumah Luwih Beach Resort Hotel on July 15, 2020.

This is the most beautiful gift for us, remembering that today Rumah Luwih celebrates its 5th anniversary and is the first hotel to pass verification in the Gianyar & Ubud area.

“Rumah Luwih is very proud of this achievement and would like to thank all the teams for their hard work and commitment in preparing everything until the verification process is completed.

This certificate is our trust capital to welcome The New Normal (New Era of Life Order) and we are sure that our team at the hotel is ready to run the hotel operations again in

accordance with the Health protocol set by the government “, said Agus Suananda, CHA, General Manager at Rumah Luwih Beach Resort.

Rumah Luwih is now ready to adapt in the New Normal era during the Covid-19 pandemic and is ready to welcome tourists by implementing health protocols and preventing the spread of Covid-19.

In addition, Luwih’s house also offers a stay voucher with a promo “Buy Now, Stay Later” where tourists can buy vouchers from now until August 31, 2020.

While for the period of his stay, vouchers can be used until the period of December 31, 2021.

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