Along the 20 Km 2 notes &, AKBP Roby Release Head of Badung Police Precinct

311 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Badung Police Badung Police Resort every Friday morning routinely carry out cycling sports (2 notes) to prove their cohesiveness in maintaining safe and confusing Kamtibmas as well as maintaining healthy and friendly conditions. Friday (24/7).

Badung Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Roby Septiadi, SIK who led the Gowes directly took a distance of 20 Km, took the front start of SD N 3 Baturiti via Pucak Besi Kalung to the object of Who Waterfall and finished at the Gong Jatiluwih restaurant.

The activity was attended by Badung Wakapolres Kompol Ni Putu Utariani, S.H, Wakapolres Kompung Sindar Sinaga, S.P., Badung Police Main Officer, AKP Kasipropam I Made Murdawan, S.Sos and Members of Badung Police Gowesser.

Chief of Police Roby said that this activity was an effort to strengthen friendship between members, especially one of the AKP Kasipropam members, I Made Murdawan, S. Sos, will go into retirement on August 1 next month.

“We are a big family of Badung Regional Police, even though entering full time, don’t forget the Badung Regional Police, we are still one big family,” he said.

“In maintaining Kamtibmas in Badung district, we must be solid,” he added. (TEAM).