Hunting for authentic-flavored pizza at Warung Ava, the Italian version of Naples Pizza which has become an icon in Bali.

450 – Bali – Ten years is not a short time for a restaurant to build a name known in the community as an icon of course. Saturday 27 June 2020.
Just like this time “Warung Ava” specifically presents a variety of Italian pizza variants at affordable prices and a character that is more satisfying for pizza connoisseurs.

Bali as a center for international culinary destinations also always appears with a variety of dishes that attract guests from various countries.
Warung Ava, located on a semer road close to the Canggu area, also provides services, free delivery as far as an eight kilometer area.

Alex Kosasih as the owner of “Warung Ava” also revealed, “The pizza that we serve is an authentic authentic Italian pizza menu that has the original flavor of Napoli country. also its toppings that are typical of Naples.

“Pizza dough was previously fermented for two days for an authentic and authentic taste, while a specially made furnace that resembles a curve is a way to evenly distribute the temperature in the making of this original napoli pizza,” he said.

While the toppings are made exactly the same as the typical pizza version of napoli which does have a taste that is far different from other pizza pizzas.

Pizza enthusiasts are also becoming more popular nowadays and even have become the lifestyle of Italians and other countries.

The firewood used for baking pizza in “Warung Ava” Italian Pizza is also special from coffee tree wood that has a uniform flame temperature character and produces a bit of ash, quite unique when we see how the original Naples pizza making in “Warung Ava” is. “

Komang as the restaurant manager at “Warung Ava” added, “15 percent discount at happy hour, and there is also a desert ice cream bonus mixed with chocolat liquer or lemon liquer.

Very interesting with a variety of unique authentic pizza flavors, making “Warung Ava” as the original pizza icon in Bali, “he said (TEAM).