Governor of Koster Represents BNN RI Hand Over Award to Pemogan Village Denpasar

433 – Denpasar – Bali – Bali Governor Wayan Koster representing the Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) RI presented an award on the implementation of the Prevention of Eradication of Drug Abuse and Circulation on Regional Level (P4GN) to the Regional Head of Pemogan Village at the commemoration of the peak of the International Anti-Narcotics Day ( HANI) In 2020, which was held virtually through video conference (Vidcon) at the Gaja Jayasabha Building Denpasar, Friday (6/26).

In the event which was attended by Kajati Bali Erbagtyo Rohan SH MH, Bali Deputy Chief of Police Brigadier General Wayan Sunartha and Irdam IX / Udayana, it was revealed that the award was given to Pemogan Village due to its participation in the implementation of Mapping and Community Outreach in Community-Based Rehabilitation since the month of May 2017.

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Prof. Dr. (HC) KH Ma’ruf Amin in his remarks at the event conveyed that the commemoration of Anti-Narcotics Day was important as a momentum to continue to show vigilance against the dangers of narcotics. Moreover, the number of drug abuse has increased quite sharply since 2019.

“BNN data states that the number of drug abuse in Indonesia in 2017 is 3.37 million people with an age range of 10-59 years. In 2019 it will increase to 3.6 million, “he said.

While drug abuse among students in 2018 reached 2.29 million. The community groups that are most vulnerable to exposure to illicit goods are those who are in the age range of 15-35 years or millennial generation. “So of course this requires special attention,” he said.

While related to the spread of the Corona Virus outbreak, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin stated that the handling of Covid-19 and narcotics, psychotropic drugs and drugs requires the same standard, which guarantees the right of people to live and develop optimally.

“The handling of narcotics and Covis-19 requires the same standard, which is to provide guarantees and protect the rights of the community to be able to live, grow and develop optimally,” said Vice President Ma’ruf Amin while calling Covid-19 and drugs a common enemy which must be eradicated because both are serious threats.

If the threat is not immediately addressed early on, the impact will be huge for development. “Both Covid-19 and drugs are serious threats. The impact is multidimensional. Entering from the state to reaching the smallest unit of society, namely the family,” said Ma’ruf Amin, stating.

The Head of National Police Commissioner General Drs Heru Winarko SH in his report said, based on the results of BNN research in collaboration with the LIPI Community and Cultural Research Center in 2019, it was revealed that the prevalence trend of narcotics abuse in Indonesia last year was 1.80 percent or 3,419,188 people . Whereas the prevalence of single-use narcotics abuse for life in 2011 was 2.40 percent or 4,530,000 people. Thus, around 1 million people in Indonesia have been saved.

As a form of sharpening the role of stakeholders, especially central and regional government agencies, Presidential Instruction Number 2 Year 2020 has been issued on the National Action Plan for the Prevention and Eradication of Narcotics Dark Abuse and Narcotics Precursor and Narcotics Precursor (P4GN) Year 2020-2024. Where this Inpres focuses on the Implementation of Action Plans of Ministries / Institutions and Local Governments to support the P4GN Program.

On the other hand, Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform, Cahyo Kumolo, added that related to defense and security threats in the midst of information disclosure and communication network access. The whole community is asked to be responsive and ready for the great challenges facing the nation.

“Various challenges facing our nation today, especially within the scope of ASN include issues relating to drug users and dealers, radicalism, corruption, and issues related to national disasters, including the Covid-19 pandemic. ASN which has had “the strategic position as the axis of development and driving the bureaucracy must participate in overcoming these challenges. ASN must function as a unifying nation,” Cahyo Kumolo said.

The former Minister of Home Affairs expressed his hope to the governors, regional heads and Forkompinda of the Korpri and the ranks of ASN, as well as elements of the TNI and Polri who participated in the event, to keep a close watch on any dynamic developments related to ASN, especially those exposed to radicalism, drug problems. , including corruption, to get strict sanctions.

“We also request through the head of BKN, the entire leadership of the Ministry of institutions and local governments not to place positions for ASN who are exposed to radicalism, involved in drug abuse and distribution, or involved in corruption so that they are fostered to dismiss disrespectfully,” he said, stressing.

In the virtual event themed ‘100 Percent Life in the New Normal Era’, also participated by leaders of state institutions, ambassadors of friendly countries, central and regional government officials and anti-narcotics activists throughout Indonesia (TEAM).