The Gardening Business Opportunities in Ornamental Plants are Increasingly Attracted by Plant Growers

313 – Denpasar – Bali – The International Flower Competition which was supposed to be finalized in July this year was postponed until the situation returned to normal.

“Revealed, Nyoman Hendrawan as the winner of IFC 2019 appreciated the current situation.

“According to Nyoman Hendrawan registration continues until an unspecified deadline for anyone via online,” he said. Sunday, June 21 2020.

when we meet at his work location. In addition, business opportunities with ornamental plant gardening habits are now increasingly in demand by plant hobbyists.

So, when an empty garden is preserved we will automatically reconcile the mood while making the environment healthy, “said Nyoman Hendrawan.

“Many of the relations that are interested in the concept of the park, so often visit home” he said.

This, various business opportunities around the garden become an inspiration for a healthy lifestyle today, Bali is a beautiful destination wherever we look.

Concern for the environment, including the preservation of plants, can be the closest destination around us.

Moment of the flower race became a historic moment for Nyoman Hendrawan. Furthermore, many appreciate this positive activity with the awareness of maintaining and preserving the garden with plants that are pleasing to the eye, “explained Nyoman Hendrawan.(team).