Bangli Police Chief Directly Monitor Crowds in Several Tourist Attractions in Kintamani

196 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police Chief Bangli Regional Police AKBP I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan, SIK, MIK, accompanied by Wakapolres and Key Officials and Kintamani Police Chief monitored the crowd in several tourist attractions in the Kintamani area on Sunday (6/21) ).

Towards the enactment of New Normal by the government does not mean that people are free in carrying out activities but must always be disciplined based on health protocol handling Covid-19 including if activities outside the home must use masks, wash hands with soap with running water and keep a distance and avoid crowds.

The Bangli police chief reiterated that, ahead of the enactment of the New Normal status, only hotels and restaurants were permitted to open, while tourism objects in Bangli were not yet opened.

“Until now only hotels and restaurants are allowed to operate and that too must be guided by the health protocol Covid-19 and Social Distancing, visitors must be limited to a maximum capacity of 50 percent of the capacity of hotels and restaurants,” he said.

To anticipate the booming tourist visits, the Police did not half the responsibility in this case Bangli Regional Police and the ranks sent 136 persnoel which is a combination of Bangli Regional Police and the District Police Sector, to conduct monitoring and provide an appeal to the public who visit tourist attractions in Bangli.

“Our personnel place several points such as in restaurants, coffee shops along the main Kintamani lane and all tourist attractions we monitor to ensure that the public and disciplined hotel and restaurant managers implement the Covid-19 health protocol.

“We also ordered the Traffic Unit led directly by Kasat Lantas to crack down on motorbike riders who did not use helmets and masks. Tens of riders have taken action by making a statement”, he said.

In some places where crowds such as Penelokan occur, some restaurants on the Main Line are also sent down by officers and appeals, the community obeys the appeal submitted by the Bangli Regional Police, “he said

The number one person in Bangli Regional Police also appealed to the entire community and tourism actors to continue to adhere to the Health Protocol in handling Covid-19, he also emphasized that he would take decisive action if a public or tourism actors did not heed the Health protocol in handling Covid -19 in accordance with the Declaration of the Chief of Police and Circular of Tourism and Culture of Bangli Regency number 341.

“We will not be firm if there are people and tourism practitioners who are not disciplined in implementing this co-19 health protocol,” he said. (Team).