Anticipating a Crowd of Travelers at the Weekend, Bangints Kintamani District Police Holds Members at Various Tourism Object Points

172 – Bali – Bali Regional Police – Bangli Police Station – Kintamani Police Station. To provide security and a conducive situation in the Kintamani area, Kintamani Sector Police Bangli District Police held a member to carry out security in tourist attractions. Saturday (6/20).

The purpose of the title of members to carry out security is to always encourage people who visit tourist attractions in Kintamani to always implement health protocols so that there is no covid-19 deployment.

The security activities, which were led directly by Kintamani Police Chief Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H, were held at various points in the Kintamani tourist attraction. When carrying out security if it is found that visitors who do not comply with the Covid-19 health protocol and safety protocol will be given a sympathetic reprimand and ordered to turn around.

Kintamani Police Chief Commissioner I Made Raka Sugita, S.H., M.H said that the safeguards were aimed at expediting traffic flow and urging the public to always implement health protocols so that co-19 could be suppressed.

“In addition to anticipating traffic jams, we also encourage people who visit to always use masks, keep their distance (Social Distancing) and other health protocols,” said the police chief.

The police chief also said that the tourism object in Kintamani had not yet been opened, only restaurants and hotels were open and therefore the public was expected to always obey the appeal of officers in the field.

This security and appeal activity will be routinely carried out to anticipate traffic jams and always create a conducive atmosphere in the Kintamani region.

It is also expected that the public when visiting a restaurant or coffee shop remains disciplined in applying the covid-19 health protocol especially the use of masks and Social Distancing and is urged to business owners to keep limiting visits according to the health protocol which is 50 percent of the capacity, Salam tribrata. (TIM).