Bali Hospitality Movement Shares Basic Food with Covid-19 Affected Friends.

162 – Bali – Aris Mardani (Black), “Saying today we will carry out the ‘Bali Hospitality Movement’ for the fourth stage (4), Astungkara alhamdulillah has collected 53 healthy food packages. Wednesday, June 17 2020.

“Our hope is that these packages of groceries that have been collected can help relieve our disadvantaged friends, who are big in the hospitality industry,” said Black.

“We would also like to thank Wida Resto on Mahendradata Street, Denpasar for providing a place today, there are friends from IFBMA friends from (LMC) Local Manager Collective.

“There are friends from (HBI) the Indonesian Bartender Association, there are from (ICA) also Chef Blom-Indonesia Chef Association.” He concluded.

“So indeed the Bali Hospitality Movement is indeed an initiative from us all of us, who feel we have a concern for experience, we are probably the most affected by the co-19 pandemic.” Said Black.

While our friends who took the time and media friends, we hope that what we do today can benefit and will also be facilitated to the next wave.

So what we do today is to do it in stages and continue, “said Black.

“We have already chapters (4) four, the first to the third chapter we have 30 people 30 people, specifically today, 52 people,” said Nyoman Jendra.

“So we are planning if indeed God blesses us in the future until all our colleagues in hospitality in Bali can be helped. So we are here to open a helping hand to whoever the donors who want to help our program, to ease the burden on our colleagues at Hospitality in Bali. ” Say. Nyoman Jendra.

“The hope is that we can continue until everything we can get if we can, if necessary until everything gets.” Nyoman Jendra.

According to Nyoman Jendra “it got twice as much because we do not know how long this disaster will occur, hopefully quickly finished quickly and we can help everyone.

Besides being the basic food that we share there is rice there is egg and instant noodles there is also drinks there is Red Bull from our sponsors and today we have vegetables from Fres from our colleagues too. Then there is bottled water, mineral water, “explained. Nyoman Jendra.

“While the activity held ‘Bali Hospitality Movement’ with sponsorship from the LMC Local Manager Collective club, ICA, IFBMA, (H B I) Indonesian Bartender Association,” he explained. (TIM).