Kasat Then Give Riders Actions Without Helmets and Masks Make a Statement.


Lokadewatanews com – Bali Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, Sat Lantas – Kasat Lantas Bangli Regional Police AKP I Ketut Sukadana, SH., Lead the action against motorcyclists who cross the Penintokan Kintamani area.

The action involved joint personnel from the Bangli Police Traffic Unit, the Kintamani Police Traffic Unit, the Sat Sabhara Bangli Police Station and being backed up by PJR 2 of the Bali Police Traffic Directorate.

Kasat Lantas Bangli Regional Police AKP I Ketut Sukadana said, the action against motorists without helmets and masks was carried out while still prioritizing humanist persuasive actions.

“At the moment we are still committing sympathetic reprimands to motorists who commit violations without using helmets while driving, decisive action in the form of a ticket is the last effort we will do to the community if a sympathetic warning has been given and a statement is still in violation,” said Kasat Lantas .

Sat Then the Bangli District Police Unit made a sympathetic reprimand to 30 violators and all made a statement stating that essentially violators without a helmet would not repeat their actions. Sunday (6/14).

Besides that, the distribution of masks was also carried out for the people who did not use masks and the appeal for visitors of tourism objects to remain in compliance with the health protocol Covid-19 including using masks, not crowding and distance.

“All violators without helmets and masks have made a statement and even then it will be noted on our computer, so that if anyone repeats it will definitely be found out, if caught then we will take action in the form of a ticket.

“We will always remind the public that what we are doing is for the sake of public safety, the use of SNI Helmets can reduce accident fatalities and the use of Masks during the COVID-19 Pandemic can prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus”, he added.

Currently the Bali Police Ditlantas is promoting the 2020 Helmets Week Program, this is carried out considering the death toll from traffic accidents from the beginning of 2020 until now is higher than the death rate due to the Corona virus, of course, not to rule out how dangerous the Corona virus Pandemic is.

“It is hoped that from this activity the community will be more understanding and aware and disciplined in traffic, how dangerous it would be to ride on a motorcycle without a helmet in the event of an accident and how dangerous it would be during the COVID-19 Pandemic. People who carried out activities outside the home did not wear masks.” Sukadana.

Once again I say that both are equally dangerous, so we appeal to all people when riding a motorcycle during the Pandemic COVID-19 must wear helmets and masks, helmets can reduce accident fatalities and the use of masks can break the chain of the spread of Covid-19, especially in the jurisdiction of Bangli Regional Police ”, asserted Kasat Lantas Bangli Regional Police AKP Sukadana. (Team).