Preparing for Disaster Anticipation, Bangli District Police Together with Related Institutions Holds Equipment and Supplies.

239 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, To anticipate natural disasters, Bangli Regional Police together with related institutions carried out the title of facilities at the bangle Mapolres, Saturday (6/6).

This Sapras Apple title was led directly by the Head of Bangli Regional Police AKBP I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan, S.I.K., M.I.K., Together with the Commander of the 1626 Kodim / Bangli Lt. Col. Inf. Himawan Teddy Laksono, who was followed by members of the TNI-Polri, BPBD, Bangli Regency Satpol PP and the Bangli District Fire Department.

Also present at the apples of the event included Kas Kas Pol PP Bangli Regency Agung Agung Suryadarma, S. Sos, Head of BPBD Bangli I Ketut Gede Wiradana, Head of the Health Service was represented by his secretary Ni Putu Sudarmini

In front of the participants, the Head of the Bangli District Police said that the Sapras Apples aimed to check the readiness of the facilities and personnel that would be plunged in to help in the event of a natural disaster.

“We do not know when and where the disaster will occur, therefore we are demanded to be always ready to help in the event of a natural disaster and we hope that all members involved from the TNI-Polri, BPBD, Satpol PP and the Health office and PMI are ready physically and mentally in dealing with situations that occur later “said the police chief

Meanwhile in his direction Dandim 1626 / Bangli conveyed from the geographical conditions, Bangli Regency was prone to natural disasters both landslides, fallen trees and strong winds. For that the ranks would always coordinate with the Police and other relevant agencies in tackling natural disasters that occurred.

In addition, the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Bangli I, Ketut Gede Wiradana, revealed that his party had also provided education through socialization to the community regarding the steps that should be taken during a disaster so as to minimize the loss of lives.

“We continuously provide information to the public about what needs to be done in the event of a disaster so as to minimize the existence of victims,” ​​he said. (TEAM).