Dozens of vehicles were returned when the Ketupat Agung operation took place

263 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Badung Regional Police Badung Police Resort continues to aggressively conduct inspections of vehicles that lead out of the area towards Lebaran Mudik this year

The checking activity was led by the Head of the Ketupat Agung 2020 Operational Office Ipda I Gede Suastajaya in front of the Security Post and Badung Police Precinct Post at Mengwitani, Mengwi, Badung, Bali. Wednesday, 05/06), at 3:00 p.m.

Kasat Lantas Polres Badung Iptu Achmad Fahmi Adiatma, SIK through Ipda I Gede Suatajaya conveyed the Government’s appeal for community members who return to their villages, to meet the specified requirements, such as a letter from the company / neighborhood where they work or the village and Task Force Task Force on the acceleration of prevention prevention co-19.

Besides that, his party also gave an appeal for the use of masks and phsycal distancing to drivers and passengers of cars or motorbikes.

“We have returned dozens of vehicles today, bearing in mind that they did not show the identity / letters of the Task Force on prevention and environmental work,” said Ipda Gede Suatajaya. (Team).