Inauguration of LPM Chair of Legian, Year of Office, 2020-2023.

267 – Legian – Bali – Community Empowerment Institute (LPM), as a connector to the aspirations of the people as well as coordinating directly with the village and sub-district, LPM Legian in Bali is very responding to current conditions through a variety of concrete activities.

Inauguration of the Chairman of LPM Legian, I Wayan Puspa Negara SP., MSi. as chairman with a term of office for the Lpm Legian Office. Monday 4 May 2020.

While various activities are synchronized and coordinated directly with the Kelurahan and Kecamatan, LPM as an institution cooperates with Kelurahan and Kecamatan to maximize the existing potential synchronously. “Said the Puspa Negara.

“With the opening of the Independent Mutual Assistance Command Post of Civid19 LPM Legian, various information about Indonesian Migrant Migrants in the Legian location was deposited from the Covid19 Countermeasure Task Force in Bali Province.

The Chairman of LPM Legian, I Wayan Puspa Negara .SP, MSi said that the distribution of basic food to the right target households, and the distribution of masks to the surrounding Legian community, as well as the delivery of PPE to representatives of Kelurahan and Kecamatan, were all done on the same day starting the inauguration of the LPM chair Legian, “He explained.

The LPM Covid19 Legian Response Post which has 27 members voluntarily guarded the post 24 hours a day, this is a sense of concern for the Legian community in Bali.

“Besides that Bali, which is known for its solid culture of togetherness, can always be preserved as a Balinese characteristic that has existed since ancient times until now.” He said.

Explained, Puspa Negara, So there are statistical data that can be seen because this legion is a projection of placement (PMI) of Indonesian migrant workers, because there are several regional heads sending letters to villages to be able to place. PMI in legian.

“Furthermore, this is a consequence that we must answer, therefore, we want to display statistical data on how much PMI actually exists in the legian urban area.” Said Puspa Negara.
“In addition, what steps we have to take because to plan for a development we have to be based on data so that the complete data is needed to plan the development and what actions we will take,” he concluded.

This, in this post there is the first data on quarantine data, so there are three quarantine hotels which so far initially there were 4 (four) hotels used for PMI placement and of course we in the Legian region did not reject the PMI but we protap the fixed procedure and local procedures for local wisdom that we have must be synchronized.

“While the community would want to be in a comfortable condition our area is a tourist area, we do not want our area to be stretched to such an extent that it turns into an area that cannot be visited.” Said Puspa Negara.

Then post covid -19, therefore once again I say that I am the village head and Jero village still accepts PMI as a consequence of Perpu 21 2020 because of the president’s order and of course we want the rhythm to be adjusted.

“Therefore, even today, there are still 3 (three) hotels that accept pmi in the legian urban area, including nova and pop hotel beach hotels, which number more than 100, (one hundred) and even this coordination is very good.” Said. Puspa Negara.

We, from the kelurahan through the Linmas, control the area, not every time at any time, then we are new rules, certainly collaborating, in this case we take steps so we have posted nosmen or banners in hotels where PMI is located in in part because we know that PMI was originally here, “he explained.

While they were hanging around, we made a PMI banner banned from roaming here to remind us all the important thing is how we can control this situation.

“We can protect the people on the one hand so that co-19 quickly passes, our tourism grows again and we can return to normal life and we can enjoy our tourism again as an effort.” Clearly. Paspa Negara.

Lurah Legian Madia Surya Natha, Delivered There is still a lot for the performance of our LPM from previous periods which has been very good and helped our performance in the village administration and in the traditional village of Legian.

“For our hope in the future, to the new LPM management, we will always coordinate, however, this LPM is the correctional institution under our responsibility as a sub-district so that whatever can be generated by the activities carried out by this LPM can be borne together,” he said. Madia Surya Natha.

Meanwhile, our first hope, as mentioned earlier, we have motives to make the legions of champions safe and prosperous, and our hope is also in the cultural institutions of the LPM urban community in Legian.

So that it can make it happen even though it is not as perfect as in accordance with the welfare of the community, it needs to be very perfect, but we have to carry out the direction there, including our jargon in Legian, namely the spirit of devotion to serving in legian,

All LPM members that we inaugurated today that we affirm are ngayah nature sir. “Not on their salary, different from mine, I am on the salary of the government, their rope is rich, we really hope that even though this is useful for our homeland, let’s use this to be able to do it for our native land. Maybe that is our hope,” Reveal. Lurah Legian Madia Surya Natha (TEAM).