The Great Safety Operation 2020 begins today for the next 14 days

203 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, Supreme Safety Operation 2020 in the context of maintaining security, safety, order and traffic smoothness today Monday (6/4) begins.

The operation, which was carried out for 14 days from today 6 to 19 April 2020, involved 80 personnel who were divided according to their respective tasks and functions.

Bangli Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan, S.I.K., M.I.K., Said the operation was carried out in the midst of the outbreak of the Covid 19 virus as a formidable challenge for the Police in carrying out this task.

He said that in carrying out this operation the emphasis was on pre-emptive activities or appeals both in traffic and other appeals to break the chain of the spread of this Corona Virus.

“We prioritize this operation or appeal to the public to remain orderly in traffic without ignoring legal actions for violators and urge road users to continue to use masks and diligently wash their hands and not going home to break the chain of the spread of the virus”, said the police chief.

The police chief explained in detail the purpose of this operation was to suppress the development of the Covid-19 virus by prioritizing preventive, preventive and legal measures in coordination with the BPBD, the TNI and local government in addition to creating a kamseltibcar situation which remained conducive when handling the covid-19 virus. in all regions of Bangli Regional police station

The former mappi police chief also appealed to the community to remain at home, “It’s better to just stay home, if it is urgent to remember the completeness of vehicles and masks to protect themselves,” he said. (TIM).