Ida Bagus Ketut Kiana. S.H. Member of the Bali Provincial Parliament Council.

183 – Sanur – Bali Ida Bagus Ketut Kiana. S. H. As one of the members of the Bali Provincial DPRD Council and at the same time as a Merpatih Putih pencak silat trainer in Sanur since 1983 to this day, still enjoys the cultural heritage of Indonesia’s ancestral heritage. During a press conference at his residence, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

“In the current situation everyone needs immunity as body protection to fight the viruses that hit various countries.

Ida Bagus Ketut Kiana. S.H. Saying well-trained breathing is able to strengthen the body’s immunity, every member of Merpati Putih must understand this, especially with a variety of appropriate breathing, of course, for example, if the alternating breath accompanied by fine breath.

While this makes the energy in the body become hotter to be able to fight various viruses or diseases that exist. “Said Ida Bagus Ketut Kiana. S.H.

According to Ida Bagus Ketut Kiana, S.H. Merpati Putih as one of the martial arts colleges in this country, basically has a way of breathing that generates more optimal energy as a health therapy as well as healing for our bodies. “He explained.

Bali as a destination filled with culture that is always preserved, becomes a unique and mystical attraction (Team).