Spraying Corona Covid-19 Anti Virus Disinfectant by Gianyar Regional Police


lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Bali Regional Police – Gianyar Regional Police Follow up on Police Chief STR Number STR / 121 / III / PAM.3./2020. dated March 13, 2020, regarding the order to carry out massive clean-up actions by involving the surrounding community with the target location of public places, terminals, stations, housing, dormitories and mako to protect themselves from corona infections.

Gianyar Regional Police has carried out disinfection spraying activities carried out by the Gianyar Regional Police Health Team as many as 5 people led by Paurkes Aiptu Pande Suteja, Sunday 22/3/20.

Spraying of disinfectants is carried out as an effort to prevent the spread of covid-19 / corona virus. Spraying is carried out, in all rooms of the Gianyar Regional Police Mako and all equipment including, tables, chairs, door handles, reling stairs and other facilities.

Aside from spraying Gianyar Regional Police personnel, they also carried out cleanliness of the office environment and watering plants as an effort to prevent the Covid-19 Virus that was sweeping across the world.

Clean-up activities in the office environment and watering the plants are led by the Head of North Sumatra Kompol I Ketut Dana, S.H., which was followed by Gianyar Regional Police personnel.

After completing the environment, the Office of the disinfectant team continued the activities at GPIB Ebenhaezer Church in Gianyar. The team carried out spraying throughout the church environment. (Team).