The Biggest Fitness Anytime With Its 24 Hour Open Club Concept In Bali


Lokadewatanews com – Bali – The long wait is over, Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24-hour gym network officially opened its first gym in Bali, located at Iantai 2 Eccos Plaza, Sunset Road, Kuta, Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Damian Santoro, as the Country Manager of Anytime Fitness Indonesia commented that the opening of the anytime fitness club in Bali was a breakthrough, because this was the first club located outside the Greater Jakarta area, which also was included in a series of massive expansion in Indonesia.

“This is the first time we have opened a branch outside the Jakarta area and so on. “Said.Damian Santoro.

We do plan to open a branch in Bali which is famous as a destination for foreign tourists with the aim of providing health facilities that are open non-stop for 24 hours to local residents in Bali.

According to Damian Santoro, also tourists, which, according to our motto “Your Welcome” which means our gym is open to any circle.

Besides that, we are also pleased to be able to provide facilities to foreign tourists who are visiting this island of the gods. Damian said.

This fitness franchise has several advantages compared to other Gyms in general, besides being open 24 hours,

For 7 consecutive days, its members also automatically get access to all Anytime Fitness facilities, which means, their members will be given a key that can be used to open all doors of Anytime Fitness worldwide with +5000 branches in 50 countries, all of this using only one type of membership, is not extraordinary is not it?

The fitness center that opened their first branch in Jakarta in March | a | u was welcomed by fitness lovers in Bali and also of course tourists who often visit, because it means they can still maintain their healthy lifestyle, even though they are on vacation.

Taking a glance at the next step in Bali, Damian said “We will not stop here, because we plan to open 2 to 3 more branches in Bali, so that Anytime Fitness family members can take advantage of the All Club facilities at their closest location and use all of our equipment. of course it has become part of the membership “Said Damian Santoro.

Anytime Fitness presents fitness equipment of the highest quality, because they use well-known fitness brand brands from around the world, such as Life Fitness, Torque and Hammer Strength, which can be used for several types of exercises such as weight training, cardio training, functional training and free weight, in addition that they also provide training programs with Personal Training and also Group Exercise Classes.

Considering the franchise-based business model Anytime Fitness, now they also open wide-spread opportunities to local investors who began to glance at the rapid development of the fitness industry in the country, because the brand originating in the United States in 2002, is a 24-hour fitness franchise. the biggest in the world.

Anytime Fitness is also named Global Franchise no. 1st best in the world for seven years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise 500.

Please come and try Anytime Fitness Eccos Plaza, because their staff will welcome you kindly (TIM).