Badung Police Chief Leads Handover Position

163 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Badung Regional Police, Twelve Badung Regional Police Officers ranging from Badung Wakpolres to official Kanit level officials have changed, now held by a new official, marked by the signing of the Integrity Pact,

The handover of this position was held at the apple field of Badung Regional Police, which was led by Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Roby Septiadi, SIK, at 8:00 a.m. Friday (3/13).

Badung Police Chief said the change of leadership within the National Police was part of the dynamic management of the National Police organization and was constantly developing in accordance with the demands and challenges of the task at hand.

“Besides that, the handover of positions is also based on career development and performance improvement and refreshment for the police personnel themselves,” said Police Chief Roby.

“Not only are these two important points used as a reference, but mutations within the National Police are part of a system that provides opportunities for Polri personnel to lead based on ability or achievement by not differentiating the sex, skin color, origin or status of those we know as meritocracy. bureaucracy “, Revealed. Police Chief Roby.

The handover ceremony, as well as the signing of the Integrity Pact, was also carried out by officials who accepted the duties and responsibilities of the new position, aimed at realizing the development of the Integrity Zone towards Corruption-Free Areas and Clean and Servicing Bureaucracy Areas.

“We personally represent the big family of the Badung Regional Police to express our highest gratitude and appreciation to Kompar Sindar Sinaga, SP, Kompol I Komang Agus Sudarsana, SE, Kompol I Dewa Putu Gede Anom Danujaya, SH, SIK, MH, Komp Ida Bagus Putu Mertayasa, S.Ag, AKP l Nyoman Sumantara, SH, AKP I Komang Ngurah Sucahayadi, SIP, Iptu Debi Wiharjayadi, SIK and Iptu I Made Darta who have served at Badung Police Station, within a certain period of time and ended their term of service at Badung Police Station. well and in good health “, he said.

“Let us be thankful for the blessings we feel from God, healthy when the task and end it is fortune for good service and ikhkas”, ordered the Chief of Badung Police.

To the official who left the Badung Regional Police to carry out his mandate in the new assignment, the Police Chief advised that the role models that had been shown at the Badung Regional Police were also maintained at the new assignment.

The door to friendship for ladies and gentlemen remains open at Badung Police Station and this mutation is not the end of our journey, remain proud of ourselves and family and remain kind to each other. “And to the new officials, we say welcome and happy working”, said AKBP Roby.

“Hopefully all of you can become true friends, become dedicated subordinates and become good partners in the real sense,” continued the Chief of Badung Police.

He hoped to immediately adjust to the environment in Badung Police Station and a little description, that Badung Police personnel are “good friends and their enthusiasm for work is still high, although many of them are seniors from the age side” he added.

The police chief further said that some time ago the Badung Regional Police received an internal assessment from the National Police Headquarters team in relation to the Integrity Zone. The results we have achieved are relatively good although in some fields we need to improve to improve the assessment results that we have obtained.

The achievement of good judgment is inseparable from the leadership of Kompar Sindar Sinaga, S.P. assisted by officials under him in the coordination of a very solid team.

Associated with the Integrity Zone referred to the Kapolres hopes that the new Deputy Police Chief of Badung can continue and defend what has been achieved by the previous officials and increase the achievement so that the goal of improving service to the community in the Integrity Zone sentence wrapping towards WBK and WBBM can.(TIEM).