Gianyar police chief leads Sertijam, at the Gianyar District Police Square.


Lokadewatanews com – Bali – Bali Regional Police – Gianyar Regional Police, Gianyar Regional Police Chief I Dewa Made Adnyana, S.I.K, .S.H., M.H. lead the process of handing over positions at the Gianyar Regional Police Station in the Apple Field Gianyar Regional Police Station, Jl. Ngurah Rai no 6 Gianyar, Wednesday (11/03/2020).

The position handover ceremony was attended by all the main officers of the Gianyar Regional Police, the National Police Chief of Police, all members of the Regional Police, the PNS Polri and the Gianyar branch Bhayangkari.

Following the Gianyar Police Chief Official who carried out the handover of positions, Deputy Chief of Gianyar from Commissioner Adnan Pandibu, SH, SIK, was handed over to Commissioner Pius Febry Aceng Loda, SIK, Head of Ops Division of Dewa Gede Mahaputra, SH, handed over to Kompol I Wayan Latra , SH, MH ,

The Ubud police chief from Kompol I Nyoman Nuryana, S.H., M.H., was handed over to PS. AKP I Gede Sudiatmaja, S.H., M.H., Payangan Police Chief of AKP I Gede Sudiatmaja, S.H., M.H., was handed over to AKP Ferry Sihaliho, S.I.K.,

While the Kapaksek Tampaksiring AKP I Gusti Putu Dharmanatha was handed over to AKP I Wayan Sujana, S.H., M.M. and Kasat Polair from Iptu Anak Agung Gede Rai Partama, was handed over to Iptu I Wayan Antariksawan, S.H.

 “This rotation of positions is a natural thing in Polri institutions. The goal is refreshment, so that with this rotation they are more successful in new places. At the same time remain trustworthy with the position carried, of course also with the new tasks that have been waiting for, “said. Gianyar Police Chief AKBP I Dewa Made Adnyana.

In addition, he expressed his gratitude for the devotion and dedication of the old officials who had to fill new positions in different locations.

“We, on behalf of the personal and entire extended family of the Gianyar Regional Police, thank the old official and Mrs. Bhayangkari for their dedication and dedication, good luck in the new assignment,” he said. AKBP I Dewa Made Adnyana.

The police chief, was convinced, that the experience he had had by his members could carry out their duties well.

“We believe and believe, with the experience, education and integrity that members have, they can carry out their duties and responsibilities to the best of their ability,” said AKBP I Dewa Made Adnyana.

For the sake of jointly building a police that is loved by the people in the Gianyar Police jurisdiction, “he concluded. (TIM).