Lokadewatanews.com – Jakarta, 20 February 2020 – Havaianas is launching a complete collection for 2020 at Lamoda, Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta. In this event, Havaianas raised “Summer & The City” as the theme of the event representing the entire 2020 collection that can accompany your daily life.

The event was divided into four segments which summarize the Havaianas collection this year, namely Summer, Beach, City and Weekend, which were presented through a fashion show.

Each segment has a different narrative about Havaianas. For the Summer segment, Havaianas shows collections that are identical to their home country, namely the endless summer in Brazil.

Segment Beach, showing the Havaianas collection that is suitable to accompany you to go to the beach. The atmosphere changes when the City segment is displayed, this collection proves that Havaianas remain comfortable and suitable to accompany your daily life in the city.

For the Weekend segment, Havaianas presents a series of sandals that can be your best friend to relax on weekends, such as going to your favorite coffee shop, trying a new restaurant, or going to the movies.

On this occasion, Havaianas also introduced three Indonesian celebrities namely Luna Maya, Verrell Bramasta and Jessica Mila as Indonesian Havaianas Squad. The three will appear in a variety of interesting campaigns and activities Havaianas throughout 2020.

In the coming weeks, Luna Maya will represent Havaianas Squad Indonesia visiting Brazil to experience the endless summer excitement and to visit the Havaianas headquarter, her experience will be shared through several campaigns throughout this year.

In the same event, Havaianas also launched a brand new campaign with the theme “What’s Your Vibe?”.

This campaign shows that everyone can be happy in being himself.

Havaianas is here to be part of realizing that happiness, whoever they are and wherever they are, both in big cities and while on vacation to the beach.

This campaign is visualized with characters with diverse personalities who are happy in being themselves with Havaianas.

“Everyone can be himself and Havaianas wants to be a part of that happiness. With the 2020 Havaianas collection, customers can choose and have the Havaianas sandals that best suits their personality.

As a fashion brand, we are optimistic that this latest collection will provide comfort in your various activities, whether it be when carrying out daily activities in big cities or while enjoying a vacation.

The Havaianas 2020 collection is available at all Havaianas outlets in Indonesia, “said Benjamin Hadradjasa, Senior Vice President of Footwear & Active, Kanmo Group. (TEAM).