Serve Shades of Local Wisdom, Items Exhibited at the Bangli Police Station Stand.

221 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police – Bali Bhayangkara Medco Valentine Run (BBMVER) 2020 which took place at Merta Sari Sanur Beach attracted many people, Saturday (02/15).

The Bali Bhayangkara Medco Valentine Run (BBMVER) event was not only attended by the Balinese people, but also attracted enthusiasm from people outside Bali and abroad.

On this occasion, the Bangli Regional Police provided a stand that presented local wisdom nuances in the form of food and handicrafts such as Loloh Cemcem, Klepon Ungu, Jair Nyatnyat and handicrafts made from bamboo material typical of Bangli Regency.

With this presentation, the Bangli District Police Station was crowded by the participants of the Bali Bhayangkara Medco Valentine Run including the Bali Police Chief Mr. Bali Police Chief Inspector General of Police. Dr. Petrus Reinhard Golose, M.M., on the occasion, jufa also bought up goods that were presented because of their uniqueness.

Bangli Police Chief AKBP I Gusti Agung Dhana Aryawan S.I.K., M.I.K said the purpose of presenting the contents of the stand was to introduce Local Wisdom from the Bangli region to support the tourism sector so that it could improve the economy in the Bangli region.

“I hope that the presence of the Bangli Police Station will be able to introduce local wisdom in the Bangli Region so that it will increase the interest of tourists to visit Bangli Regency,” said the Bangli Regional Police Chief (Team).