Enjoy Cocktails at Sunset, on Valentine’s Day Celebrate at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotels and Resorts.


Lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel and Resort Celebrate Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day) Friday, February 14, 2020.

The door prize distribution activities were led directly by the hotel manager’s discovery, he said, said one of the discovery efforts to get closer to the guests or the public.

“On this Valentine’s Day we would like to share with the invitees, by distributing special door prizes to the guests,” said the manager’s discovery.

The Discovery manager said door prize
What we shared earlier consisted of spa tike, stay tickets at the hotel, this is also a form of appreciation for invited guests who are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Marketing Executive Manager Nurna Feritha Dwiati added the activity for Valentine’s Day, so that guests who stayed at the discovery were entertained. “Valentine’s Day.”

Bayu as a drink makes a concoction of drinks served on valentine’s night, such as drinks, Jack and Rose, Campari, Jack fruit impregnated Bionco vermouth, roses, sparkling wine

According to Bayu, love Potions, Compari, galangal syrup, gin, grenadine, fresh lemon iuice, cucumber juice, Candy Crush, Vodka, Honey, lemon juice, cranberries, “he said.

“Stawberry Hill, I’m meuice, Coco Pandan Syrup, Strawberry.” Said Bayu.

According to Bayu, for the menu there are four classic cocktails, classic two weeks ago with a friend from Bali named Panji, we went to Milan to take part in a battender competition, which took part in competitions from Asian countries such as Japan, Malaisia, Bangko, Indonesia, Tailan and others. .

“Whereas my goal there is for voceng battender from Bali, sport campion from Indonesia. Yes we are not the first champion but can add experience,” Bayu said.

Bayu said, Indeed, for the time being Indonesian batters have been recognized in many other countries, such as tailings, Bangkok and others.

“A total of 14 countries all of Asia are participating in the race in Millan.” He concluded.

As for assessing the taste of the first cocktail, the taste of special cocktails, The emphasis is on ecicut battender itself, its history, how to find a solution, so people can be happy, how to sell kokilnya, “said bayu. (TIM