Learn Salsa at the Sunset Road Fame Hotel Kuta


Lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Danang Marcom Fame Sunset Road Hotel Kuta. Saying, “In 2020, we want to prioritize more communities, so this February we start from salsa and this will continue. Thursday. February 13, 2020.

It could be every Wednesday night and it could be possible later the next and the next month there will be more, and this will become a regular activity, of course later the next month will be packaged even more interesting than what is now.

“Because we are close to the current salsa that has regularly held the event, so we also want to take the market. Salsa is also quite large, so we also want to prioritize the salsa,” said Danang, as Marcomm Fame Hotel Sunset Road Bali.

Meanwhile, Hadi FB Manager of the Sunset Road Kuta Hotel Fame, said, For the average in the salsa community at the age of 18 to katas, but if there is age there is no limit. “He concluded.

Anyone here if you want to join in with salsa at the hotel fame we do not know the age but can be followed by all groups, all groups we can still enter. Because this goes more into sports and also for health too.

“So there is even a salsa perseta, maybe the age is more than 40, there is also because it is good for health,” he explained.

For the health side it is because of this there is a kind of movement but it is more elegant than zumba or gymnastics so, there we can cultivate that muscle where we can release the antioxidants in our body can come out also through sweat, can also decrease body weight as well.

“So it is also suitable for people who are overweight, if you want to join a diet program or want to go with salsa like that will be very helpful too.” Said.

Salsa coach Jojo, said, “Yes, the first time I was interested in salsa, from the music, Latin dance, difficult and easy, if you learn, what else Indonesian people, salsa one as entertainment,” he explained.

According to Jojo Salsa who has an interest in Bali for an average age of 25 and above, most young people who like salsa are mostly local from Bali, there are also foreign guests.

While the benefits of salsa are … adding friends, the community knows each other, there are also those who can match, “said Jojo.

Apart from that, he likes to practice salsa, so many likes, but if there is a problem with grief, it is not possible.

“Yes, if you learn there is a will, there must be a way, but it depends on the person. Even if the bigron does not dance, if he is enthusiastic about learning,” he said. Jojo. (TIM).