Antique Operation 2020, Bangli Police Station 6 Drugs offenders

271 – Bali – Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, Operations of Great Antiques 2020 Bangli Regional Police succeeded in revealing four drug cases. / 2).

In front of the media crew, the number one person in Bangli Regional Police said that of the Four Drug Cases that were successfully revealed, six suspects had been secured, including the initials DAD, KW, PPM, HSM, AJR and IKH.

“Of the four narcotics cases, two of them were the target of the Great Antique Operation 2020 with the suspects of DAD, KW and PPM while the other two cases with suspects of HSM, AJR and IKH were Non TO,” said the Chief of Police

The number one person in Bangli Regional Police said that of the four narcotics cases that were successfully revealed by his staff, his party had confiscated evidence of narcotics group I of Shabu type with a net weight of a total of 1.34 grams.

“The mode of the six suspects is the same, namely using a paste system and from the information obtained by the illicit goods to be used alone,” said the police chief

The police chief added one of the suspects to mortgaged his own home to buy these illicit goods.

“Due to narcotics addiction, one of the suspects confessed to mortgaging his house to buy these illicit goods,” said the police chief

Now the six suspects must be held accountable for their actions, “We suspect this suspect with Indonesian Law number 35 of 2009 calm Narcotics,” he said. (TIM).