Competent Village, LPKS Participation in Denpasar City in Welcoming 232nd Denpasar City Hut.

239 – Bali – Private Employment Training Institutions (LPKS) in Denpasar which are incorporated in an association called the Association of All-Indonesian Training Institutions (HILLSI) in Denpasar City in synergy with the Department of Labor and the Competency Certification of Denpasar City again presents ‘Competent Kampung’ as LPKS participation in the city of Denpasar in welcoming the 23nd Birthday of Denpasar City Wednesday. February 5, 2020.

Department of Manpower and Competency Certification of Denpasar City. Rai Anom Suradi said that we have more than 50 in Denpasar. Therefore we call our YouTube talents to sit together, which we embed in the competent village agenda in Denpasar. Now in the discussion the name is competent discussion.

“Because we were suddenly non-budget at that time, well, we invited friends what we could do. Last year we worked on a hotel in Bali in front of our representative to carry out competent villages for us to provide information to the younger generation about the world of work.” revealed. Rai Anom Suradi.

Now, after the name is formed, the set of LPKS is Pak Nyoman. This is his idea, I just back up from behind.

Whereas last year, our children, especially from high school, can give an idea that the world of work in the future in terms of what they can do. Well, these LPPs offer the D1 D2 equivalent training, so they understand the skills earlier.

We really need it in the world of work skills, not just knowledge, more skills are needed. It is precisely here that very low in Indonesia the workforce in the field of skills.

If knowledge may be a lot, therefore this is the earlier they have the skills that can be as provision they enter the workforce.

We have various kinds of LPKS, various programs in the field of hospitality, of course, the most, but beyond that there are also many in engineering, foreign training, workshop, household equipment and even yoga.

“Therefore, we offer it to children. This is what we offer in this competent village. You have faster skills and skills, there are many of these.” Rai Anom Suradi.

Chairman of the DPC Association of the All-Indonesian Training Institute (HILLSI) of Denpasar City Nyoman sukadana said As a form of active participation of LPKS welcoming the anniversary of Denpasar City, the 2020 Competent Village aims to build intimacy and cohesiveness between LPKS in Denpasar City.

“While at the same time introducing the people of Denpasar the variety of training institutions spread across the city of Denpasar,” said Nyoman Nyoman.

“It is said Nyoman Sukadana plans to be attended by 500 participants at the opening ceremony. But the event’s overoll will be attended by more or less up to 2000/3000 visitors in 1 day,” he said.

Where the people of Denpasar and possibly outside Denpasar come here to see the competent village agenda. The purpose of this event is to make Denpasar a skill development center.

So that the people of Denpasar specifically in Bali and perhaps Indonesia in general who want to develop their potential to learn skills in various fields in Denpasar where.

“We expect this competent village agenda as an agenda that is able to stimulate the public to better know the current momentum that the industry is in dire need of talent skills in various fields so that the LPKS in the city of Denpasar is a response to public unrest.” Said Nyoman Sukadana.

“2020 Competent Village this time carries the theme ‘Agawe Sukaning Wong Len’ which means to make others happy so that a variety of activities ranging from training exhibitions from dozens of Denpasar City LPKS,” said the Chairman of the Hadi Purnantara Competent Village Committee.

“According to Hadi Purnantara, training & career consultations, acoustics and talent performances will be presented to the public and high school / vocational high school students in Denpasar who will be invited to attend this event,” he explained.

The Competent Village 2020 Event will be held at the Denpasar City Alaya (DNA) building on 7 February 2020 starting at 9 am and will be opened by the Mayor of Denpasar, Mr. Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra.

The concept of the 2020 Competent Village event, which was initiated by Hillsi Denpasar and the Manpower and Competency Certification Office of the City of Denpasar, certainly underscored the commitment of the LPKS in Denpasar to always support the Denpasar City government to bring Denpasar City free of plastic waste and based on smart city. ” Hadi Purnantara.

“It is said Hadi Purnantara Together with the Denpasar City Private Work Training Institute (LPKS), realize Denpasar City as a superior, creative and global-minded Skill Development Center,” he said.(team).