Event in Mo ● dus Bar, Agung Satria Shares Bartender Knowledge, About Cocktail Drinks.


Lokadewatanews.com – Denpasar – Nowadays on the Island of the Gods the development of the entertainment world is growing very rapidly, which has a variety of interesting places, one of which is the Bar Bar located on Jalan Imam Bonjol Denpasar. Monday (3/2).

“Agung Satria from Jembrana Bali, with his various achievements as a bartender and entrepreneur, has brought a fragrant name to the people of Indonesia and Bali as a regional son who has been able to work in a neighboring country, namely in Vietnam.

This time when at Mo dus Bar, Agung shared his bartender’s knowledge of cocktail drinks which became a trend in Vietnam, “Hip Asia in Vietnam is a place of entertainment that is currently trending,

“While cocktails are alcoholic drinks mixed with drinks or other flavorful ingredients,” Agung said.

Before serving the guests in a special cocktail glass, this drink must be stirred or shaken so that the ingredients taste good.

“So the alcoholic drinks that are often used as cocktails are gin, whiskey, rum, and especially vodka,” Agung said.

So with a variety of cocktails the results of his work can become an icon of entertainment fans.

“In addition, in Bali, now with an increasingly rapid life style, cocktails can reach the local market,” said Agung.

“According to Agung, the Community for Indonesians is still lacking, even nonexistent, in Dubai there are many Indonesian communities, so if Indonesians are the only one I am alone,” he said.

Aris Mardhani (Black) as Marketing Manager of EC Executive Karaoke and Bali Bar Bali. Said, “Agung Satria as a local figure of heroes to Vietnam, this time showing expertise in making cocktails that are very unique.

“Meanwhile, Agung mixes cocktail drinks, in a special way in front of various bartender, hospitality, and PAN communities as the most complete distributor of various drinks with qualified brands,” said Black.

“According to Verna from PAN Bali as the largest distributor of alcoholic beverages at this time. The beverage market in Bali has indeed increased more due to various creations from the creator, namely the bartender as the creator of works to be presented at affordable prices of course.” he said.

“Whereas the local target in Denpasar is because Mo ● dus Bar always has programs that are different from other places, this has become an increasingly rapid millennial trend,” said Black.

“We will give the color of the city of Denpasar, especially Bali, so tonight we will share the spirit with Agung Satria, want to enjoy the homemade cocktails,” said. Black. (TIM).