Avapayatha Musician, Has Extraordinary Talents Performing at Avenda Hotel Bali.


Lokadewatanews.com – Bali – Aveda hotel is located in Bali, with its street food restaurant & cafe this time present special live music with musicians who have extraordinary talents in Bali. Sunday. January 26th. 2020

I Made Prabawa Avapayatha, originally born in Tabanan, May 17, 93, who was one of the participants up to the Voice of Indonesia’s grand final in 2018-2019.

This time intentionally entertaining the visitors and guests, a crowd of music fans.

With its flagship song “Dusk Sadness” is able to hypnotize the listener dissolved in a romantic nuance. Various songs were sung with a strong voice character as the soul spirit of the songs themselves.

The song works are displayed in the framework of soft launching in preparation for making album songs.

“Later there are 10 to 11 songs in which there are songs in English as well. Because Bali is a world tourist destination, music has become part of Bali.

Having an ambition to go international with interesting music, currently the House Record as a support for live jams that should not be studied, but at home can, “he said.

In addition, music at this time has the potential to advance in the future, because millennials are able to respond quickly, so that it becomes pleasant music to be heard of course.

Not quickly satisfied with the work is a passion for progress and better, with changes in the millennial era, the more freedom to enjoy various music genres.

Collaboration in the preparation of the making of this song will also involve other musicians from the Indonesian voice. Practicing music since childhood makes it a separate hobby and passion. (TIM)