EC Executive Karaoke Bali & MO • DUS BAR Collaborates with Club ‘SW175 Bali.

1200 – Denpasar – Bali – EC Executive Karaoke Bali & MO • DUS BAR Collaborates with Club ‘SW175 Imam Bonjol 386 Denpadar. Friday 31 January 2020.

“While the activities of the Karaoke Pop-up event, tonight, were enlivened by young subjects from the club community ‘SW175 Bali. The golden millennium was held by singing and dancing in the rhythm of rock and roll music,” he explained.

For tonight we use the theme, “Karaoke Pop Up,” which is full of entertaining elements and parties that come perfect for rocking.

Tonight Pop Up karaoke tonight is always a special momment, therefore we always want to package and make a celebration that not only entertain all people, but can be a distinctive memory.

Chairman of SW 175 Bali Agung Budiman said that his Castum Kalcer was indeed very very much alive, maybe I was informed, Custum kalcer was not started from Bali, if I am not mistaken of a clown or jogja, only if indeed his life was actually in Bali, if indeed it had classy motorbikes. Bali is really cool, “he said.

“We are just starting here, so we will have their own channel, so we get some information, this is planning information, and the basis of the experience of some of the club sw 175 friends is that the motorbike has spread throughout Indonesia,” explained. Great.

According to Agung, yes coincidentally we came here from the clubung bandung element, which we caught was just groping, who seemed to want where we were going.

“As for positive activities for Club ‘SW175 Bali, we do social services, make YouTube stories, do CSR, and make positive information about tourism in Bali.”

According to Agung, we happen to often hang out at some nightspots, finally we agreed together with a club friend, we chose to go to Club Ec and Modus Bar, coincidentally the organizers had known us for a long time,

So, “yes, for the beginning of this activity we choose to go to the bar mode, so it is cool to work together, maybe not just this once, yes maybe it will be sustainable, in fact we have many friends from the montor club, we will get invited from the club, who knows, we will introducing a new place, “revealed. Great.

While Deputy 175 SW Bali Ferri saga added, The first here one of the local bren, which is in Bali, is building, cooperation with mode, we are here to help, and activities are positive, “he said.

Aris Mardhani (Black) as Marketing Manager of EC Executive Karaoke Bali. Saying why this initial collaboration was formed, coincidentally as spiritually as we are young, we want to be friends, hope to be a brother, also this activity is positive.

“We will give color to the city of Denpasar, especially Bali, so stick to it tonight, this is so we don’t have any sw175 friends, we are the same spirit, have a young soul, so positive we want to get together, we want to get acquainted, from here is the beginning of cooperation, “said. Aris Mardhani (Black).

As for tonight’s event, we will decorate music moments, if one day yesterday we will decorate with Chinese New Year, if a few moments ago the “Gong Xi Fa Cai ‘moments, not long ago, so tonight we take the theme as a touch, but if tonight we even take karaoke live broadcast Pop up, then this will be a karaoke singing together, so we will show our club friends’ sw175, not good at ending on a motorcycle, but also good at singing, “Said. Aris Mardhani (Black).

“So that we pop up ourselves, we really need a program for community friends, especially millennial youth who have positive hobbies, so in this Pumpung there is a SW175 cafe to cafe program that we put together,” explained. Black

In addition, if this pop up has gone to 6 with different themes, but for the first SW175, if for the previous it has been ported from the student community themes. Previously, from the community of potograpi, many communities helped to promote the model, “he said. (TEAM).