Special exhibition of works in the Sketch Exhibition.


Lokadewatanews.com – Doddy Hernanto is a musician who has brought a fragrant Indonesian name to the international world.

“Meanwhile with the work of Rick Hanes’s type of electric guitar device,” he concluded. Saturday 12 January 2020.

According to Doddy Hernanto, he won the best guitar award in the world version of the 2012 British Music Magazine, and succeeded in making the work of acoustic guitar in collaboration with Balinese carving artist I Wayan Tuges, with the brand Blue Berry G2. “He said.

Besides Doddy Hernanto who also concentrated on sketches with animation that can be refrigerated with device technology.

“So, through this exhibition of Moving Sketches, Doddy Hernanto seeks to encourage young people and artists to take advantage of technology,” he explained.

While it will again display special works in the Movable Sketch Exhibition that takes place from 11 to 18 January 2019, at IAM Bali 3D Museum and Upside Down, Bali.

This is the beginning of 2020, Doddy Hernanto
will present his latest sketch of Balinese culture. The 3D sketch exhibition will later utilize Augmented Reality technology.

While this exhibition activity event is the fourth exhibition after it was held at Wanaku Indo Asian Cuisine Kuta, Bali; Visma Art Gallery, Kota Surabaya, East Java; and the Tugu Hotel, Malang City, East Java. “Doddy Hernanto said.

After the exhibition, Doddy Hernanto will present 20 other works. Most of the sketches are in the form of illustrations containing various messages and life phenomena.

Furthermore, the Nantik exhibition will feature a combination of analog and digital artwork, supported by Secret Garden Village, LPM Farabi Bali, Smartfren, and IAM Bali 3D Museum and Upside Down, “said Doddy Hernanto. (TEAM).