Resilient Village Organization Ketewel Ahead of the New Year 2020 Clean-Up Care about the Environment.

294 – Ketewel – Bali – Representative of the resilient Village Organization Ketewel Komang Swasta as well as the General Manager of Beach Bar. said River Clean-up Activities & Public Awareness of the importance of environmental cleanliness. In the Resilient Village of Ketewel Gianyar – Bali. Sunday. December 29, 2019.

“We involve Millennials making a breakthrough towards the new year 2020 with the community in their own village environment,” said Private.

According to the vice chairman of the Ketewel Resilient Village Organization, our team did cleanliness starting with the small ones so that they could set an example for others, it would also provide many benefits, including in disease control.

“So we know that a dirty environment is a nest of many germs,” ​​he explained.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to maintain good environmental hygiene in living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, this resilient village has various segments, there are disaster resilient villages, education resilient villages, health resilient villages, so we aim to make people aware of their importance, when there is a disaster emergency, how to overcome them, so we have ideas, ideas for training or simulations so as not to panic if there was a disaster.

“We can also give direction to young people about health, including the dangers of HIV,” said Komang Swasta.

If for education we are more focused on the skills to practice, so we can know about their work.

“It is said that Komang is actually a private organization that was formed a long time ago, because only now I occupy as a representative in the organization, we are more active in the sense that there was no agenda, but for now we involve more young people or millennials, because they young generation must continue, first starting from the village where we live, where we play in order to be comfortable. “Said Private.

For the future expectation in 2020 we will hold a festival, like the people here, daily activities at sea fishing, for now it is underestimated, so far the income is not appropriate, then we will move to help so that the income will increase, “said Komang private .

Besides how, because the environment is a very wide place not only around the house. However, by focusing on ways to maintain the cleanliness of the environment below, we can certainly take good care of it.

Besides that, the simplest thing we can do is to always maintain the cleanliness of the environment such as by keeping the house clean, also in the yard. So that the cleanliness of the house and yard will make us more accustomed to cleaning other environments.

Then there are many types of waste that will pollute the surrounding environment which can actually be recycled properly, Like just using used cans and bottles to be used as any container. Can also add income.

Whereas waste that can be utilized, for example, used cans can be turned into a flower pot and we can even decorate it. This will be a positive thing compared to letting it become a pile of garbage.

So that waste can be forgiven, compost can be made from organic waste. In order not to leave it dormant and rot to cause disease germs, it is better if it is processed into compost that is useful for agriculture or plantations.

“We must be aware of not littering, the most important thing in maintaining environmental cleanliness is to keep getting used to good things such as the habit of disposing garbage in its place. Do not leave garbage scattered everywhere without caring to dispose of it in its place,” said Komang Swsta.

While cleaning activities within the Ketewel village environment were attended by the Head of Ketewel Village; Putu Gede widya kusuma Negara, Chairman of the Ketewel Resilient Village Organization: made Murti wangsa, Representative of Resilient Village Organization Ketewel: Private and Engaging Community, Youth, village community, Dinas, subak, Ketewel coupling (Community Care for the environment) (TIM).