Bangli Regional Police Perform Combined Raids, Ahead of the 2020 Change.

207 – Bali, Bali Regional Police, Bangli Regional Police, Near the turn of the new year 2020, Polres together with Kondim 1626 / Bangli conduct Combined Raids with firecrackers targets on Saturday (12/28).

The joint raid was led by the Head of the Ops Bangli Police Precinct, Ngakan Putu Anom Semadi, this firecracker raid was preceded by a joint Indonesian Military Police rally led by the Ops Chief of Police and attended by the Military Command 1626 / Bangli Captain I Komang Gita, Kasat Sabhara Polres Bangli AKP IB Ketut Kariawan, SH, Head of AKP I Made Budiarta and Head of AKP I Nengah Sona, SH were attended by the Kodim and Bangli District Police officers.

In his direction the Head of Ops emphasized members to carry out their duties properly, and were always humanistic in carrying out their duties and always guided by applicable SOPs.

“Carry out the task with Humanists, obey the existing SOPs so there is no procedural error in this Raids,” he said.

The Head of Ops also said that in this joint Raids activity it targets firecrackers and fireworks sellers in the Kidul Bangli market area, “This time we are conducting a joint Raids on fireworks traders, related to permits, types and sizes for sale,” he said.

While the Head of Ops added that from the results of the implementation of the Razia this time, there were no merchants who sold firecrackers or fireworks that exceeded the specified size, “On average traders sell fireworks under two inc.

Nevertheless the Police who carry out the Harkamtibmas function continue to urge traders and sellers to obey the existing regulations, as well as complete with sales permit so that they can be calm in selling. He also invited all levels of society ahead of the new year to jointly maintain the Kamtibmas situation in order to remain conducive.

“We urge the public not to overdo it in welcoming the New Year’s Eve, especially the alcoholic party which incidentally is a source of kamtibmas interference,” he said. (TIM).