The Bird Contest Held as the Work of Putra Klungkung.

277 – Klungkung – Bali – Anak Agung Gde Bagus Mahendra Putra as chairman of the Putra Karya Klungkung 2 committee, “a bird contest which was attended by around 1500 participants from Java, Bali and Lombok.

“The annual event entrusted by the government, Klungkung Regent, Nyoman Suwitra to us and thanks to the help of friends and the Bali Police, this event can be carried out smoothly and successfully held in Klungkung.” Anak Agung Gde Bagus Mahendra Putra

According to Anak Agung Gde Bagus Mahendra Putra, next April 2020 the Klungkung Regent’s Lima Cup will also be held, signaling that this bird race has been held for five years.

The types of birds that are contested like Murai Bali, Cucak Ijo, Love Bird, Walnuts, and so forth.

This bird contest was held as the work of the son of Klungkung, and at the same time saw the development of a growing community of bird enthusiasts.

“Natural ecosystems that complement the beauty of Bali, one of which is a variety of beautiful birds chirping, this is the main attraction for tourism in Bali.” Anak Agung Gde Bagus Mahendra Putra.

As a preservation of various birds with the holding of bird contests with various types in Klungkung.

“The Regent’s Cup and the Klungkung Putra Mahakarya Cup are two contests that are routinely held every year in Klungkung until now,” said the chairman of the contest committee (TIM).