Bali’s Second Arak Festival 2019 at Hatten Wine

330 – Sanur – Bali – Chair of the Indonesian Bartender Association (HBI) Bayu said that this Bali wine event had previously been held in 2018, this year we held it in 2019, this event we made twice, we still held the second wine event seminar, for the date (12/18) to 19 December 2019.

So we organize competitions, which are not only in Bali, but throughout Indonesia. at Hatten Wine, Bay Pass street Ngurah Ray Sanur Bali. Thursday, December 19 2019.

“It is said that Bayu hopefully next year in Bali to rake in with other countries, such as internationally, it’s our hope for the official, and for this wine festival event, we held there will be there to purchase food and drinks, and the vouchers that we donate.” he said.

“So that we are not just promoting bars and tourism, but we are also moving donors to donate, also socializing to the community means helping our brothers and sisters in need,” Bayu explained.

For as many as 15 competition participants, this is all over Indonesia, here will be fighting over the rotating tropics, in the hands previously held by the bartender Bali, who works at the baromi seminyak.

While the tropics were contested by the 14 participants present throughout Indonesia, for the bot in front of the stay garden, bot eating and drinking, because our concept is charety, “so we give it free of charge to the partners there, because of this our goal is to invite those partners to participate in the form of social service at the event.

This event is held for the concept of competition, so the one we brake for the semi-finals from 14 people will become 4 people, will enter the final round, who holds the trophy in turn will get a golden card which means they will enter the final round.

“Well, after the painel, that’s not all, we will invite bartenders there to make a drink for charities, so here we involve partners, bartenders, regeneration communities that are here tonight, there are bartenders who come out in the sense that there are competition. “explained Bayu.

General Manager of Komang Suasta Beach said that with this event, we first thank you very much for our winners to import our sports, always giving us a place, being able to elevate local athletes to international.

“Hope we all here always ask for support from Dewi Sri and the Government and for the competition, while the competition is different from before, so this one from all our segments involves the entertainment of the band that we will feature the legendary band cresihost Dj as well as the band janger.” . Komang Suasta.

“Besides that, there are a lot of community associations who at that time were in the field of SHEF, but I myself and our business coincidence team were in Bali, our local spirit was arak, notabeni time period, so that the period of wine and cuisine was always on espost, we ourselves thought “The legacy of our ancestors, if not the younger generation that maintains, makes another rise on the surface of anyone else,” said Bayu.

According to Bayu, If we talk about the problem of many export drinks coming into Bali, but if we cannot raise or the young people cannot raise our own ancestral heritage or culture, if I say shit, while this event is held extraordinarily the committee has worked long beforehand hard to prepare it.

“Indeed, our goal is to raise wine into the national sphere, even internationally, hopefully next year we will be able to handle the international bartender of a special wine festival,” Bayu said.

Kadek sancaya dwi permana
2nd Place
Benedick Visantus Pramono
nyoman Cipta Mantara
4th Place
Moch. Vikram Hakam
5th Place
Yudhistira (TIM).