Joint Meeting of Persit KCK Koorcab Rem 163, There was a Competition and also the Distribution of Groceries

271 – Amlapura-Bali – Ahead of the close of 2019, a joint meeting of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana (KCK) Coordinator of the Korem Branch 163 Regional Management IX / Udayana was held at the Ramayana Hotel, Sengkidu Village, Manggis District, Karangasem, Tuesday (17/12 / 2019).

The joint meeting was facilitated by Persit KCK Kodim 1623 / Karangasem Branch and was led directly by the Head of Persit Koorcab Rem 163 Mrs. Rina A.M. Suharyadi and attended by the Management and Head of the District Military Command 163 / Wira Satya.

The series of activities began with the Kaka Enda Gymnastics together and continued with various competitions including, a hola-up competition won by the Karangasem Branch Persit Team, a race to bring balloons while walking joged, each branch issued a team and came out as champions I Persit KCK Karangasem Branch , 2nd place winner Persit KCK Gianyar Branch and third place winner Persit KCK Tabanan Branch.

So for the race to bring rubber bands in a tightly clamped straw tool in turn each won, champion I Persit KCK Badung Branch, champion II Persit KCK Klungkung Branch and third winner Perait KCK Buleleng Branch.

Besides that, in the same place, there were also activities to hand over nine basic necessities to 15 people from Sengkidu Village, who were handed over directly by the Head of KCK Persit Koorcab Rem 163 and Danramil 1623-05 / Manggis, and continued with the awarding of prizes to the winners of the competition.

While Chairman of Persit KCK Koorcab Rem 163 Mrs. Rina A.M. Suharyadi conveyed, the implementation of activities like this is very good for us to use as a means of communication and at the same time to establish a friendly relationship with fellow Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana (KCK) members of the Korem 163 / Wira Satya ranks.

“Activities like this are very good for communication and hospitality”, he said.

He specifically emphasized the women of Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana (KCK) Korem 163 / Wira Satya ranks to be wise in the use of social media.

“We need social media but be careful when uploading news, photos and videos on social media and don’t spread information or news that is not necessarily true”, he said.

Another thing that was conveyed was the procedure for dressing for Members of Persite who always had to be polite who showed their identity as a soldier’s wife and could be a role model for anyone.

During the activity it was seen in an atmosphere of excitement and family. (TIM).