The New Year’s night is incomplete without seeing the beauty of the universe.

223 – Legian – Bali – Seeing the twilight of Bali island as if the sun went down with exotic and replaced by a night filled with stars in the sky. The New Year’s night is incomplete without seeing the beauty of the universe. Thursday 12 December 2019.

The sunrise and sunset become a beautiful sight even in the midst of the city crowd. Fashion Hotel is becoming a lifestyle about fashion. Celebrating the end of the year which is full of deep impression in the meaning of life, hoping the next year is more beautiful and perfect.

Legian as a strategic place in Kuta, which is close to Kuta beach in Bali. love, and the exotic universe, and a variety of diverse foods, can be an inspiration to us.

“Fashion hotel precisely on the roof top, we can see the most beautiful scenery in the afternoon when the night comes,” said Fiza as secretary at the Legian Bali fashion Hotel.

Inspired by sparkling diamonds, its modest space completed with modern minimalist design promise a unique experience.

The 68 rooms located are stylish and sophisticated, yet cozy and comfortable; they are perfect for true fashionista. Some rooms have balcony, some face to the swimming pool and some have access to the swimming pool or rooftop pool.

Compact, clean, state-of-the-art, blended with elegant touch and chic modern style. The 110 leading rooms are designed to provide an easy motion for splash personality.

Some rooms are positioned in the inner part of the hotel perimeter, some face to the neighboring properties.

This is where high fashion meets cosmopolitan living. Filled with the allure of luxury and charm, these 10 King size bedded Suites on the 5th floor are designed and constructed exclusively for trend setters.(team).